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Florida A&M's Mess


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Tallahassee Democrat: Countdown to FAMU's 500 Days


I am starting this thread because FAMU is one of the 11 Florida Public Universities and come December it may be out of business. The school is on probation and could lose their accreditation which would effective force the school to close. FAMU is Florida's Public Historically Black University and it is in dire need of cleaning out.


I hope, for the history of FAMU and the taxpayers of the State of Florida, that this gets fixed and we don't have 10 State Universities come January 2008.


BTW, FSU and FAMU don't share much except for the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering which is currently run by FAMU and would become FSU property most likely should FAMU have more issues.

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there isn't a genuine change of them shutting down the university, is there?


Can you explain the situation more in detail?


Thanks Cape!

They way I understand it: If FAMU loses their accreditation, no Federal/State Financial Aid may be given to students attending, and that would create a domino effect leading to the closure of the Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. I'm sure TCC, FSU, UF, and Chipola are all making plans in case something happens with FAMU.

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