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Dolphins extend GM Randy Mueller's contract


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Randy Mueller's contract as general manager of the Miami Dolphins has been extended and his salary will revised, according to a source.


The extension is expected to carry Mueller through at least the 2009 season. Details of the salary adjustment were not available.


Mueller was out of the country and not available, and the Dolphins had no comment.


Mueller's initial contract was three years for $2.1 million and ran through June 2008. After the hiring of Cam Cameron as coach, the Dolphins didn't immediately extend Mueller's contract. They are pleased with his working relationship with Cameron as well as his personnel moves in free agency and the draft. He declined to interview for a similar job with Tennessee in January.


After Mueller was named to the position in June 2005, he worked for two seasons under Nick Saban.


When Saban resigned and went to Alabama, the Dolphins divided the personnel and coaching responsibilities for the first time since Joe Thomas and Don Shula shared them in the early 1970s.


Mueller was given control of personnel.


Mueller spent 17 years in the Seattle organization (1983-99), his last five seasons as vice president/football operations. He spent 2000-2001 as General Manager of Football Operations for New Orleans. He was The Sporting News NFL Executive of the Year in 2000. From 2002 until he joined the Dolphins, Mueller was an analyst for ESPN.



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I don't like it, but they had to do it. You can't let a GM or coach's contract have 2 years or less remaining on it. That's why it was so shocking that Bill Cowher didn't extend his contract after the Super Bowl win, because he never declined before.


Uh, no they didn't. It's one thing to extend a Coach or GM's contract based on their success, but what has Mueller done? Sign a player like Porter that Miami didn't need and draft a bunch of Samoan's? Boo extending Mueller's deal...









...Hooray Beer! :shifty

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