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Real men of genius!


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This is all in good fun. i dont intend to be insulting nor a "sore winner", but my friend cam eup with this after game 6 and just thought it was so funny i wanted to share it with u all...


Bud Light Presents: Real Men of Genius

(Real Men of GeenIUUusss)

Today we salute you, Mr. Cub-Fan-that-got-in-the-way

(Mr. CubFanthatgotinthewaAAay)

While most fans would avoid getting in a way of the home team, you Steve Bartman defy 39,577 fellow fans and try and catch that foul ball...

(I'm gonna catch the baAAall)

Succeeding in pissing off millions by robbing Moises Alou of a picture perfect catch, you helped the Marlins rally for an 8 run inning, when the cubs were 5 outs from the World Series..

(You should move to South FloOOriida)

Your face is now over all newspapers and the internet, across the world. No one has ever exiled themself from friends and family quite as fast as you did...


So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, You-f***-Up, and remember, the Marlins are goin to the World Series!


well there it is! pretty funny huh? :w00t

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well my friend matt came up with it give him all the credit in the world.


also after game 6, b4 the steve bartman delima blew outta proportion i had told him to make a shirt that has a photo of that infamous moment and it reads "thank you" above the pic and "cubs fan" below it since we didnt kno his name at the time

along with a marlins logo on the back we both wore them to school and EVERYONE loved it


his mother knows one of the trainers for the marlins and were gonna get two shirts signed by the team maybe.


if anyone is interested in a shirt you could IM my friend at aecreate (AIM).

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