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Click here, join the site, and help me out here. I am the only Marlins fan and I am gonna get stomped on all week if you guys don't back me up.




Let me post the first message for ya...


now that the Yankees have proved they are the best in the world...they have to face those pesky marlins....now...the marlins are tough...but i dont think they have what it takes to beat the yankees....here are a couple of factors that will determine the winner...


*Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo....these guys get on base..yankees gonna have a hard time

*Ivan Rodriguez....hes played the yankees many times...lets see if he can get some hits....

*Yankees Starters....on any given nite these guys can beat you...4 pitchers that can be an ace on any team

*The Bullpen....yankees dont have a great bullpen...and florida will beat up on them

*Yankee Stadium...the marlins are a young team..and home field advantage never felt so good..


all that said....the yankees will win in 6....Marlins have not faced a team like this all SEASON...yankees seem too determined..and beating boston the way they did...they are on the right pace...


Prediction....Yankees do it in 6...at yankee stadium....

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