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Kenny Mayne is writing a book

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

Having spent nearly his whole life in sport, from backyard wiffle ball games, where he argued about which trees constituted fair or foul, to nearly professional football (the Seahawks took one look at his ankle and gave him bus fare back home), to now being a reporter for ESPN (speaking of, did you see on ESPN "the catch" he made during the All-Star Softball Game?), Kenny lives by the code of the sports clich?.


One is, "To be the Best, you've got to beat the Best." Seeing all the fanfare and early buzz on the new Harry Potter novel, Kenny knew, he knew deep down, that going up against Harry Potter, head up, Pagina e Pagina, was his goal and his mission.


His editor at Crown and the entire marketing & publicity staff tried to talk Kenny out of it. They pointed out that this was Kenny's first book and going up against the final installment of perhaps the greatest and most successful book series of all time. They suggested he wait a month and take on the new translation of Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal.


But that phrase, "the greatest book series of all time" stuck with Kenny, haunted his sleep. He went to the ESPN Classics vault to replay the Ali - Norton fight over and over again. Kenny kept thinking, "If I could get in one solid book signing, one quick combination of Jimmy Kimmel and Admin King, I could do this thing!"


Kenny returned to the Crown offices, confidently saying:

"I respect Harry Potter, but I don't fear Harry Potter. That book put its pages on same as mine, one word at a time."






Best part is when he tells his kids to keep it down.

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