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Price of contention / ESPN Mag Q&A


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Credit: ESPN.com




Price of contention


Despite boosting their payroll nearly $10 million in the past six months, the Marlins are falling farther behind their free-spending competitors, the Miami Herald reported. The Marlins' $50.95 million payroll tops seven teams, but it is nearly three times less than the Yankees' record $149.7 million. "We don't talk about payroll, but I think that (general manager) Admin Beinfest and his guys put us in a position where we expect to contend," president David Samson told the newspaper. "The players that we put out there every day are expected to have the Marlins contending this year. And we will."



ESPN MAG Q&A: Marlins


Q: I'm still recovering from the fire sale of '97. Will the hyped young Marlins pitchers ever produce? -Chris, Sarasota, Fla.


A: Not enough to win the East.


A.J. Burnett is going to be great, and Josh Beckett has fabulous stuff, but that's it for star power. The Fish need more pop and a new park before hype becomes reality. -Tim Kurkjian

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