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  1. Good. Its fucked up how it is now.
  2. i dont make direct personal attacks at anyone. weird.
  3. Oh but I do it without resorting to direct personal attacks. I just attack logic and ideas. VERY different. Asshole.
  4. I said it from the beginning of this whole ordeal they are going to overpay someone to come as free agent after all the ills of hte past. In order for free agents to see the Marlins as a legit player, its going to take an above market value deal. Just offer that to Marte since you already have a relationship. Find some starter, offer it to him as well. Even if it doesnt work out, who cares. They have tons of money and the benefits far outweigh the negatives in perception for future free agents. Of course they also cant trade those same free agents a year later.
  5. They should move Aguilar for sure if they can get a piece they can use in the future. The same mindset should apply for Dickerson and Duvall. They need to sit down with Marte and Rojas during the break and look at the parameters of a potential deal. Even if you dont get it done, you know what you are looking at and if there is any chance you can agree on a deal. Even though Marte wants to stay in Miami, money talks in the end. He isnt taking a team friendly deal.
  6. They are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Jeter saying he only cares about winning and then refusing to spend ANY money basically is in direct conflict with wanting to win.
  7. No its probably Jeter in conjunction with the polarizing Gary Denbo that make the final decisions. Basically if Gary agrees with it, Jeter is good with it and vice versa if he disagrees. Pretty much convinced at this point. Prove me otherwise.
  8. downvoted because i basically said the same thing 🤣
  9. I hope all of you people get herpes in the ass after your circle fuck.
  10. so then you essentially admit that a double standard is ok when it involves Das. precious.
  11. Its also probably fair to say that Loria knew more about running a business than Jeter as well....
  12. sucks to be called out for no real reason huh?
  13. Oh but its ok to call out certain users around here for having a different rooting interest and be a jackass just because, haha. Double standard always around here tbh. So many times the post is not argued, but the person making the post. Be consistent for a change. tbh.
  14. Get that induction speech written for Cooperstown already.
  15. What did my boy Isan do tonight?
  16. See look. Ng listened and made a roster move. Are you people happy now????
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