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  1. also looks stupid, who the fuck puts a p trap in the middle of a fucking room with giant levels of clearance all around. at least make it look realistic. stupid photo shoot, mildly attractive woman.
  2. Cardinals suspected this for a long time, its one reason why they didnt want to go 10 years in length. They could never prove it though. Samson needs to show his proof or shut his fucking mouth. Just stirring up shit as per usual.
  3. Hopefully he isnt fully washed up and can help the Marlins.
  4. Das Texan


    I havent had a Whopper in ages. Easily my least favorite of the big burger chains.
  5. Das Texan


    food prices have gone up, so in an effort to semi maintain price point, quality of ingredients have suffered. Capitalism and Americans being idiots generally are at the root of it all.
  6. This has been a rumor for something like 20 years.
  7. If he can still hit, Marlins should sign him up.
  8. Good. I knew I liked Jeter for a reason. Though this is essentially the Marlins would prefer Rojas playing over Diaz, tbh.
  9. I like Sixto. I think Jazz can be really special. I think Bleday can be really special. I dont hate Anderson, but dont see any reason to make a long term commitment at this point. Really the only guy I hate is Isan cause he is not good at baseball. Brinson isnt that much ahead and neither is Alfaro though. Never been high on Alfaro, said as much when Marlins acquired and I'm kinda been proven right. Said its curious Brinson has been traded so many times now and is 'old' for a top prospect. Was concerned about him and we see why. Still think Harrison can be a quality play
  10. Das Texan


    Thoughts: I havent had Pizza Hut in forever, but I'd prolly agree. Papa John's is trash. Dominoes has actually done a decent job in fixing their issues, I dont mind their stuff generally. Little Ceasar's is worse than trash. Marco's never had. Costco pizza is pretty fucking decent. When I get Pizza its generally from smaller or more localized joints. Pretty good usually.
  11. Das Texan


    I think a bigger tenderloin is needed, tbh.
  12. It would be a lot more north of Dozier's deal. I also don't really know what any urgency is in making that type of deal with Anderson honestly.
  13. I am SHOCKED that Isan Diaz started his spring season 0-2 with a K. SHOCKED.
  14. Whatever. Because Yelich is on the same level as any of those 3. Right. Regardless, you can plan Monday Morning QB all you want, things are what they are. Improving hte team is fine. Trading away a cornerstone for no real reason is idiotic. None of those 3 are cornerstone type pieces.
  15. Not a feeling. Fact. Just because you have this theory about it doesnt discount that there was no logical reason to trade Yelich when they traded him. It was stupid. Just accept it.
  16. Guarantee you this idiotic way to manipulate salary by the owners is going to be changed. Its dickish. Its all about business and its dickish. Its why the players are going to strike, its 'all about business'.
  17. We all know how I feel about Isan....... Glad to see the Marlins making the proactive decision to put Jazz at 2b this spring full time basically.
  18. Because we only are about the good stuff right? All roses and candy around here! Facts are what facts are. Good and bad, you cant ignore them. If people would stop defending that idiotic trade it wouldn't get brought up nearly as much.
  19. ok. Let's ignore the whole Yelich started to enter the prime of his career. it was a stupid idiotic trade that didn't need to happen and shouldn't have happened. Fact.
  20. You cannot say that with certainty. His home run numbers would have been down, but his doubles probably increase. I am convinced his OPS would have been in the same range end of day.
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