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  1. Shouldn't we then almost make an example out of the woman though for falsely accusing someone of something thats not true? Trevor's stances on sex and relationships isnt really a hidden thing. He is also very upfront about the necessity for consent between both parties. I tend to follow the, lets wait for the other side of the story before we hang Trevor though.
  2. I've heard from the past how easily it is to buy politicians in Miami compared to other places. How else do you think the Marlins got the ballpark built? Samson learned truly how to grease the wheel and it was well, well worth it.
  3. Let's say Trevor has the receipts. What then? Do we just sweep this under the rug and move on with our lives?
  4. Does this mean we can enjoy things like: I Spy Cosby Show Fat Albert Cosby and Hank from the Electric Company again Just wanting to know what is and isnt allowed now!
  5. Das Texan


    It depends on the root causes of said war end of day. War as an aggressor, pretty much always. War when you are defending your homeland and everything? Thats far trickier and it plays a number of other factors into play. Just War theory is interesting. My thoughts on war largely follows what is written in Summa Theologica.
  6. I read somewhere that he has the receipts to prove its what she wanted, so I guess we shall see what happens with this. As of right now its all she said and in our society these days the man is always guilty until proven innocent it seems.
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    Me personally... I'm Pro Life from conception to natural death and EVERYTHING in between.
  8. Please, this is 2021. Women want equal rights, they can have it. They want to have a man rough them up, thats all fine and dandy. Dont be a little bitch and go crying about it when you get what you want. There are many crossovers to the discussion on Ozuna and domestic violence with this.
  9. Supposedly Trevor has the receipts where its something she wanted and sought out. Sounds like she is trying to trap Trevor and get something out of him. I smell a rat somewhere. Wouldnt it be just as disrespectful if she had said, I want you to be 'rough' with me and then Trevor was as gentle as can be sexually?
  10. Das Texan


    If you truly are 'caring about every life' and being 'Pro Life' then you also should be in favor of things like: -health care -education -housing - food programs Because all of those things go hand in hand. You cant just say, well I am 'Pro Life' but after the kid is born, best of luck to you. Thats the definition of a fucking hypocrite and the people that piss me off and annoy me the most when I proceed to call bullshit on them being 'Pro Life' its 'Anti Abortion'.
  11. This is looking worse and worse by the day. Truly a sad situation.
  12. https://nypost.com/2021/06/30/bill-cosby-to-be-released-after-court-overturns-conviction/
  13. Das Texan


    Wow I seem to have struck a nerve. I feel sorry for you.
  14. https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-organization-and-cfo-allen-weisselberg-expected-to-be-charged-thursday-11625060765 Could be a bad day for Donald and his sycophants.
  15. Das Texan


    You wouldn't have responded if an Abortion topic was on here and you were directly asked that question. So... #sorrynotsorry
  16. Go run and tell Kim Ng to acquire him yesterday then.
  17. Yet you include a who cares catching prospect in what you want back. 🤣
  18. But no thumbs up or even a banana. *cries*
  19. Neither India nor Naquin are being traded though if the Reds are buying. That makes less than zero sense. I mean if the Marlins want to take back the catcher for Rojas then the Reds make that deal yesterday.
  20. what a weird list. the Reds have a decent lil farm system overall. They arent trading India and Naquin (thats just idiotic). Kolozsvary is a who cares type of guy. Fuck the guy is 25 and in A ball. Sounds like the perfect kind of prospect for some around here. Now if you could pry someone like a : Hinds Callihan Johnson Marlins should seriously look into that. Not sure the Reds would be so excited, but they might be convinced if the Reds feel they truly have a shot.
  21. Reds need a shortstop fairly bigly.
  22. like I have that ability let alone desire.
  23. Glad the Marlins took this opportunity to call up a minor league prospect.
  24. Not nearly as long as I've been saying it, tbh.
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