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  1. I would just be highly entertained if that salty bitch Samson picked it up. Mish though may or may not care, though I'm sure some 'trouble shooter' on the local news would care more.
  2. I'm not sure how I feel about some of you endorsing crimes being committed here.
  3. Fuck that. Those business practices are just fucking flat out WRONG. That shouldnt just be swept under the rug like that tbh.
  4. I can't get mad at or make fun of @Michael for sex based activities, other stuff can get in line.
  5. Put the Marlins organization ON BLAST publicly. Tweet that to Mish, salty Samson and anyone else who might be liable to pick that up. Its like as much as things change, the more they stay the same and why I dont trust this ownership group as far as I can throw them to truly be over the orgnaization's old ways.
  6. Minor leagues is the place to experiment with these rule changes, especially if it moves to the independent leagues that are now less independent and more aligned with MLB as a laboratory of sorts. All sports tweak rules. Fans bitch. Fans get over it. Life moves on.
  7. Too bad for all of you then. Makes it easier for your victory then.
  8. I'm in with money involved. Less in with no real starting pitcher stats out there (not that they really matter anymore though).
  9. He probably should with the fucking embarrassment thats been both Jazz and Diaz at 2b. Jazz doing as good a job as possible to piss away a starting gig on Opening Day. Isan Diaz doing well what Isan Diaz does himself.
  10. Bleday and possibly Chisholm are the only bats I'd really put in that possible it factor that you build an offense around. And 'scare' factor is mostly mental to other teams and especially pitchers. Winning teams have those. There is nobody on the Marlin roster that I'd say, oh fuck we have to be careful and not let x get up with men on 2nd and 3rd.
  11. Marlins offense or lack of it will be the thing that holds this team back. Any offensive upgrade should be fully vetted and considered. Any trade moving 2 of your pitching depth for a controllable piece or even a piece just entering their prime that offers a middle of the order type bat is needed. No 'scare' factor in that lineup at all.
  12. As in Mags Sierra? You know he is a lefty right?
  13. also looks stupid, who the fuck puts a p trap in the middle of a fucking room with giant levels of clearance all around. at least make it look realistic. stupid photo shoot, mildly attractive woman.
  14. Cardinals suspected this for a long time, its one reason why they didnt want to go 10 years in length. They could never prove it though. Samson needs to show his proof or shut his fucking mouth. Just stirring up shit as per usual.
  15. Hopefully he isnt fully washed up and can help the Marlins.
  16. Das Texan


    I havent had a Whopper in ages. Easily my least favorite of the big burger chains.
  17. Das Texan


    food prices have gone up, so in an effort to semi maintain price point, quality of ingredients have suffered. Capitalism and Americans being idiots generally are at the root of it all.
  18. This has been a rumor for something like 20 years.
  19. If he can still hit, Marlins should sign him up.
  20. Good. I knew I liked Jeter for a reason. Though this is essentially the Marlins would prefer Rojas playing over Diaz, tbh.
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