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  1. Marlins keep being the Marlins. This ownership is more miserly than the Loria regime. And with more money to spend as well!
  2. 30 mil AAV? Sounds a bit high , but i guess you do have to overpay...
  3. I'd have this team within 2-3 games of the playoffs currently, tbh.
  4. Isan Diaz should be on that team with Don Mattingly .
  5. Tommy doesnt work the Marlins. I'm sure Sinclair wouldn't care that much about critiquing a teams manager and sense of urgency. Other broadcasters do it religiously. i'm sure when its time to renew the contract the Marlins wont be all, well that one time Hutton critiqued us so fuck you. No
  6. seems like a reasonable ask. Marlins are trying to win every day you know!
  7. if you actually want a personal attack, I'll gladly give you one.
  8. That's straight out of the Joe Torre managing playbook.
  9. I'm not really sure why they are being so stubborn and think that there are any more survivors at this point.
  10. What the living fuck are you talking about?
  11. no. also, not sure how i fucked up the merging but there is some Marte extension discussion mixed in. fucking making me actually moderate here. asses.
  12. oops, thats what happens when I do my semi decade moderation action...... Use this for the 'Marte Extension' Talks!
  13. Dont we already have a thread about this. Some mod needs to do some moderating around here and merge these threads.
  14. and you all say he is a failure! Batting pretty damn near 1.000 though! Last I checked that was considered good! Who's the failure now baby!?!?!
  15. I hate to see what will happen when Richard 'Dick' Cheaney finally passes away.
  16. dood. there is a giant sub culture of bdsm that yearns for this stuff.
  17. I think she handles the sport side, perhaps TMZ is just retarded and mistook agent for attorney.
  18. Per Jon Fetteroff, agent for Trevor Bauer: "Mr. Bauer had a brief and wholly consensual sexual relationship initiated by [the accuser] beginning in April 2021. We have messages that show [the accuser] repeatedly asking for 'rough' sexual encounters involving requests to be 'choked out' and slapped in the face." I'm the receipts if they exist will be made public soon enough. If the receipts exist.....
  19. Oh ya! I forgot about that!
  20. Good. As she should. Basically in this ordeal, SOMEONE should face criminal charges. Just a matter of whom at this point. My point is that its a little unfair to automatically assume the male is guilty when you have only heard one side of things. One party can literally make up anything and in society these days it seems if its a woman saying something back about a man in this matter, we automatically believe her even before hearing the other side. Hence the guilty until proven innocent. If Trevor did it, he should face the stiffest of penalty. But I also dont think he should be 'judged' when he hasnt actually really responded to the allegations. Shouldnt he be afforded that?
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