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  1. yes. and they should just call him up 9/1 and take the month to see what they have.
  2. *cough* small sample size *cough*
  3. LF is far easier than 3b. You dont need the quick reaction time in LF you do at 3b, but you know that since you played it so much.
  4. I mean there is logic to playing a catcher at 3b. Alfaro still sucks but I guess if you want to have that experiment in ST 2022, then knock your self out with it. It just hopefully will be in some organization thats not the Miami Marlins.
  5. Fire whomever is in charge of hitters in the minor leagues and hire people who will get the most out of players drafted not break them. That is step 1.
  6. The you wasnt I referred to there wasnt a you in YOU, but a collective you in terms of the Marlins fan. I dont have the time nor the inclination to research if your statement is true or not. So lets assume its the truth about you not complaining about any other trade. Who cares?
  7. If you are talking the Giants specifically THAT WAS NEVER GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN. Read things written about teams that are not the Marlins and learn reality. Now onto your little laundry list: • Talks in absolutes, Uses one liners, no substance, makes comments but rarely backs it up after a reply (Off topic threads especially). You obviously dont actually read most of my posts. I said the other day what the Marlins need to do to contend for one. I liked this Luzardo trade as it is given who you were trading away. • Never/hardly says anything good about the teams. I have been a big fan/supporter of Kim Ng since she was hired. So go fuck off. Did you even post here before you jumped ship? If not, that’s major trolling. I've been here longer than you son. So you can just get bent. I may be the longest tenured member since Larry left us. I’ll research some returns this year and bring some actual data, then get trolled with your absolute one liners. Can’t wait!! I CANNOT WAIT either!
  8. But Das, Marlins gave Adrian Gonzalez for Urbina. in 2003. Things have um kinda changed a bit since then.
  9. This weird belief that a top prospect would be moved for a rental like Marte makes no sense, given how the marketplace had played out for the last 5 years and was reinforced by how it played out this year.
  10. Look at the players that were moved for rentals. Thats the level of prospects you would have gotten. You would have bitched and moaned about the return no matter what.
  11. Who cares? I mean honestly. He is a leader on the team but not exactly a franchise cornerstone in any way. To even compare the franchise impact of a Buster Posey with Miguel Rojas is a fucking joke honestly.
  12. Let me ask again, what positional pieces were actually available that could be traded for?
  13. What nice positional piece was available for the Marlins? [b]question[/b] To the catcher question. I have no clue, the market isnt exactly flush with quality catchers from free agency or trade. What I would do is focus on a defense first catcher and hope you can hide a poor hitter with an improved overall offense in 2022. And that kind of guy is going to be cheaper to acquire both in terms of dollars and/or prospect. Given the pitching staff of the Marlins that might make the most sense.
  14. Absolutely he will be going in. His defensive abilities in his prime are insane. Look at running numbers, look at gold gloves, look at the command of his pitching staff. His offense is a bonus, he will finish around 2200 career hits, with almost all of those coming as a catcher, which will PROBABLY put him #2 all time in hits at the catcher position.
  15. Entirely different situations. Bumgarner also pissed off the Giants front office with his shoulder injury he suffered from biking if i recall.
  16. See look. Owners and Players CAN agree on something. That something is the same it always been. Money.
  17. 1. Miggy was traded. 2. I dont think ANYONE ever said that. (and are we talking about Cabrera or Rojas) If Rojas, who actually cares end of day. He isnt a franchise icon. Cabrera if anyone actually thought he was staying his whole career given what the Marlins were already doing at that point, then they are suckers. 3. And yes. Apples and Oranges.
  18. Anyway spending money on free agents itself isnt a waste of time and financial resources. The general rule of thumb is you sign free agents to supplement what you have and push you over the top and fortify positions you are organizationally weak at. Cubs signed Jon Lester. Without that sign (and maybe even the Hayward one) they dont win the World Series. You just have to be smart about who you spend money on and often have to accept the last 1-2 years wont be overly productive. Nationals signed Max Scherzer. That kinda worked out well. There are so many free agents that HAVE worked that people want to gloss over the ones that dont. Marlins have major organizational holes that would be nice to fill from a free agency standpoint if they are serious about winning. Go sign Correa. Go sign an OF. Go acquire a catcher. Go compete for the division.
  19. Posey is 100% not leaving the Giants.
  20. Isnt he technically not called up YET?
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