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  1. a. not enough cursing b. not enough violence 5 out of 10.
  2. probably more than i'm aware of.
  3. I preferred giving them small amounts of Macallen 12 personally
  4. Only real competent writer for the Marlins in the last half decade AT LEAST. Sure as hell wasn't Joe being a thorn in Samson's side.
  5. Not everything. Just the things I know. I cant tell you shit about skin creams and all that other bullshit. Also cats. Dont know anything about cats other than they are not for me.
  6. but you probably dont want to use pear jam/jelly for your first foray into it. Pro tip.
  7. @SilverBullet being a useful hack for a change. Go get some PB&J you fucking monster @SonOfJack
  8. Whatever. It's to emphasize how fucking WRONG this ownership/front office group is in respect to how they fucking treat fans, especially non season ticket holders. Loria and Co did crooked things all the time. Not really sure they ever did anything this fucked up to fans though. Granted, with so much bad, there might have been some things (probably were) forgotten over time that was really fucked up.
  9. and then proceed to get vaccinated for other things from over consumption of donuts?
  10. That's why they deserve fully all negative publicity they get for this honestly.
  11. No. I like Jazz. I think he can be a future star, worst case should be an everyday major leaguer, barring any injury heaven forbid.
  12. A warm freshly made Krispy Kreme glazed donut is like a small slice of heaven.
  13. PB&J is great. What type of PB? What is the ideal jelly? And milk is good with it, not as good as milk is with meat, but I digress.
  14. Just fucking awful customer service. The Marlins deserve to be on blast and they deserve all negative consequences for this. Such a stupid situation that was so easily fixed. And they did the absolute wrong thing. I mean its not even really that difficult. I bet someone like @Michael would have been completely understanding if the Marlins reach out to him and say, hey man, we have to cancel your tickets because of seating limitations and to accommodate our season ticket holders. If you'd like we would like to make you whole by offering this OR we will
  15. File a BBB claim against the Marlins. That might be comical. See @Michael, no profanity.
  16. Red Herring. Samson had a deal around what? 50 mil per year or so didnt he? Jeter said, nah we'll pass. Have to base it on what was in place ready to be signed if Sherman and Jeter agreed to it, not what has been the case. Let's be intellectually honest here Tripp!
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