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  1. Not exactly sure how you plan on getting Bart then. Why the fuck would the Giants be in for acquiring a prospect for Joey Bart if they are in win now mode as you said? We've established that Marte isnt getting them Bart. So how exactly are they getting Bart?
  2. weird draft as so many teams were picking guys and signing under slot. Go look at the draft board. Teams were trying to leverage their pool by taking a guy higher that should have gone lower to have more pool for picks later on. Historically in this error its been idiotic to not sign if you are a first round pick. He will sign.
  3. Marlins dont draft Watson without knowing his number to sign on the dotted line. Otherwise its stupid to even make the pick.
  4. I guarantee you Sterling Marte will not get you Joey Bart.
  5. I know its not. But they arent giving up Bart for a rental, nor are they giving him up for a pitcher nobody knows will be any good. That's why there are only 3 pitching options the Giants would include Bart in a deal for. Not exactly sure how I'm looking at it wrong here. And for the Giants its NOT just about this year, no matter what some will have you believe. They are a year ahead of schedule as it is.
  6. Watson will sign, now they know exactly how much is available. Patience.
  7. Giants are not trading Bart for a future pitching prospect. They are not trading Bart for a rental. There are ONLY 3 viable options for the Giants to move Bart: 1. Trevor Rogers 2. Sandy Alcantra 3. Pablo Lopez (depending on injury status). Thats it.
  8. Bart would be a real good get. Quality backstop, aka the opposite of Alfaro. I still think he will hit and be productive. Last year you cant read into anything and this year he hasnt actually been given a chance. Its similar to my Cardinals in catching. Some good prospects, but they havent had much of a shot to really prove themselves. See what Carson Kelly has done in Arizona after getting moved.
  9. They will sign Watson. The Marlins know his number. He will get his number.
  10. Marte would also be signed if they actually offered that honestly.
  11. my bad. I was going by rouge memory. oopsie. Watson will be signed. Guaranteed. Perdue and Morissette probably go for under slot, they will probably gain a few bucks especially with Morissette.
  12. That’s not a Lebron only thing. lazy take.
  13. Yup. Having the extra runner on 2nd is fine. Just not until inning 12 or 13. And in games that dont actually matter. Granted in post season this rule is thrown in the trash, but thats a different issue.
  14. That's not even why. Its so they know how much money they will have available for those 2 guys out of their allotted amount + 10%. It's why you only see guys who sign under slot announced at this point tbh.
  15. seen at the Jeter complex today:
  16. Just dont be surprised when him and Mack are the only unsigned picks as we approach the deadline.
  17. Perfectly content being average. Hooray. Just reinforces my decisions I've made.
  18. This regime is by far cheaper than the Loria regime. Just saying. Again.
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