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  1. Bingo. Voting should be as EASY as possible. Restricting voting under the guise of voter fraud is a sham and an attempt to have fewer people vote, which is the only card you have to play when increased number of people are voting for the other side. Its gross. Its sick. Its Jim Crow 2021. What the fuck are you afraid of? Get better ideas. People would probably vote more for the Conservatives if they werent such fucking hypocritical pieces of shit. Its like I said, you know what kind of lunacy the Dems are going to promote. The Republicans try to
  2. when did i make that statement?
  3. they are both ineffective as shit because neither party really gives a fuck about the people. its all lip service. FACT.
  4. based on what point? good insight.
  5. The Rays also arent as good as last year FWIW.
  6. Making Sunday voting 'optional' and at the decision of local officials screams of doing all you can to prevent blacks from voting who have historically voted on Sunday early voting periods. You make early voting MANDATORY for x days, from x to x. Not shorten windows, you make voting easier. Voting should be done via the Internet anyway. If you will trust the Internet to manage your finances then you can trust the Internet to vote. Its stupid. Its idiotic. Its a way for the Republicans to try to hold onto power for as long as they can because of their radicalism and
  7. They also took away days and hours to vote early in Georgia. They basically made it more difficult to vote in Georgia in the name of 'voter fraud' that has yet to be actually proven to be an issue.
  8. There is no lead for the Marlins to blow if Isan is your 2nd baseman.
  9. 1. Jazz is legit 2. Pablo out after 5 innings was idiotic. 3. The Marlin bullpen is trash. 4. This Marlins still have things to fix offensively. 5. The Marlins pen being an issue doesnt matter if Isan is 2nd baseman.
  10. round is a shape. dont be fat shaming now!
  11. Prolly a different one. They got players making more money so prolly a pricier one tbh.
  12. Das Texan

    DH in NL

    The fact there is no DH this year is the stupidest thing out there. Owners holding it over the players head as some grand bargaining chip when they want it just as badly was a horrible mis fire. Players rightfully called them on that bullshit.
  13. It will contain a full no trade in 5 years however. Good deal all around. They were too close to not figure something out. Deadlines are wonderful things!
  14. Man thats awesome. Fuck Angel. He should be thankful he still has a job not suing MLB. Fucker.
  15. Mize wasnt good this spring. He is the #5 legit. I imagine thats the order they are going. Wonder who the new Braves will be for Jose? Indians? Twins? White Sox?
  16. Good. Just go down to AAA and mash a bit. Too many of the outfielders did real well this spring for them to even push that issue. He came on strong toward the end as well it seemed.
  17. can they fucking put him out of his misery already?
  18. First you better verify you still actually have tickets to the games.....
  19. Of course they have. Just usually happens only once and then they learn. The pitcher KNOWS to trust Molina and that Molina knows what is right to be called. Still doesnt negate its still the pitcher who makes the ultimate decision. Just in the case of the Cardinals and Molina its generally deciding to agree with what Yadi calls.
  20. It was always going to be Isan or Jazz to open the season at 2b. But the awful first 3 weeks really of ST had to make the Marlins second guess that thinking. Luckily Jazz has separated himself in the last couple of weeks now.
  21. The lineups lately do nothing but confirm that Jazz has the job at this point already. Berti isnt even getting starts. No way will he be an everyday regular to start the season. Why would Mattingly be anything but coy at this point? The competition is still 'ongoing' officially, but the daily lineups say otherwise tbh.
  22. End of day pitcher has final say because well, pitcher is the one delivering the pitch. Wont deliver a pitch he doesnt want to in the end. Its more dynamic than that, but pitcher has the FINAL say as it comes out of the Pitchers ARM. Real simple in that sense.
  23. The only way that happens if an injury occurs. Guaranteed.
  24. Fortunately for the Marlins success that is.
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