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  1. not accurate. but nice try. I'll say this: I'd rather have Isan Diaz as my 2b than Matt Carpenter.
  2. Fuck you. People afraid of swearing are like little fucking pansies. Men swear. Dont be a little child.
  3. not to mention the Rays are a stronger draw overall, with a better sustained success on the field whatever thats worth. also people in the viewing area getting nearly 40 Yankee/Red Sox games as well. Mets/Phillies isnt nearly the draw for tv as Yankees/Red Sox. More eyeballs = higher ad rates. If this ownership group had this expectation that the Marlins would surpass the Rays deal then they are dumber than I gave them credit for.
  4. I dont. I just think Isan Diaz is bad at baseball and enjoy all you apologists over the years being proved WRONG on him and me being proven right. Much like I said Brinson had warning flags because of organizations so willing to move him and his advanced age at the time relative to other players. Harrison is the one I felt would have the lowest floor, yet he cant even crack a big league roster, which is concerning, given his age at this point. Facts are what they are. You can try to sprinkle them with roses and perfume, sometimes they flat out smell bad and all!
  5. almost as bad as your obsession with me, tbh.
  6. Isan Diaz is a shitty ball player and seems like he has given up on making the team I guess. Option his ass out now. Guys just need to accept what I've been saying since 2019. Isan Diaz is not good and shouldnt be a MLB everyday starter.
  7. I'd go public with those mother fuckers any day of the fucking week. A bunch of fucking assholes with asshole business morals.
  8. Not really sure why everyone is assuming Diaz will automatically be the 2b for the Marlins in 2022 and doesnt get passed on the depth chart.... LIke by a Jose Devers (forcing Jazz to remain at 2b) or even a Nasim Nunez. Like Harrison, Diaz is entering the stage of being too old to consider a prospect at this point (forgetting completely he has no rookie status anymore)
  9. Tommy Edman is a far superior 2b to Isan Diaz.
  10. Prospect status technically evaporates for Harrison after this season. At this point, I'm not really sure you can consider him a prospect really given his age. At this point Harrison is teetering very close to the bust status.
  11. Especially with Matt Carpenter on it (who is actually worse than Isan Diaz, which is a difficult accomplishment)
  12. Wasnt aware you were invited in the first place.
  13. my assumption would be based largely on his age.
  14. eh... been pretty right on many things son.
  15. Other than he is 25 years old and cant crack a Major League roster, you're right, no big deal.
  16. I dont. It screams to me that the Marlins need to work on other options at 2b long term either within the organization or outside the organization that isnt named Isan Diaz. Funny how I was right on this. Two years ago I was right on this one. Weird. Harrison getting sent out is also not good as well.
  17. Isan should have arrived in November to prepare to not suck I guess.
  18. would be kinda weird if a cereal turned you on though.
  19. Isan Diaz can play ss or 3b? Fuck I'd hate to see his sorry ass at ss. Ever.
  20. Severino is very good. Anyone advocating for his ouster are just fucking haters. Marlins are lucky to have him.
  21. Stealing is a crime. People around here advocating for stealing of bases. Should be thrown in jail for committing such heinous acts!
  22. *ignores anything else* but the fish tanks!!!! Cheap Jeter!!!!! Fucking bastard.
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