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    I have some Euros still. Too bad they cant be used in the UK, because, well Fuck Them.
  2. And gather up all the extreme right wingers and put them all into Alaska? If both of these happen, the other lower 47 will be a fairly comfortable place to live. I can get behind that tbh.
  3. I wouldnt really say its 'close'. I mean 3 is close to 4? and 30 is close to 50? so sure?
  4. ALSO fun question.... if there is no baseball in 2022 (a real possibility) then maybe the Marlins are doing the smart thing here..... So are the Marlins hedging their bets on a prolonged work stoppage and seeing 2022 as a lost year in terms of its even dumber to bring in someone new and not give them a real shot at it?
  5. ummm the post i'm talking about you are at 3/50 or 4/80 with various incentives, escalators, et al. 3/30 opening offer is far less insulting if 4/50 is what the player actually wants, though its a bit short sighted and dumb by his representation, but whatever thats on them. I imagine in their eyes that 4th year is far less valuable AAV wise, and they want to maximize his income and have him with a MLB contract for 4 years ideally. 50 million dollar range is always curious by what they mean by that. I'd assume mid 50s? AAV 15 first 3 yeras 10 last year.
  6. the only bats i'm not moving if I'm Kim Ng is Jazz and J. Sanchez that are on the 40 man roster. Anyone else can be moved in the right deal. Granted if you can somehow find a way to not insult Marte and get an extension (deadline is really the all star break) then you keep him, else he gone. The good thing with both is they have some positional flexibility, so that doesnt limit your return.
  7. Sorry. Sports. Might as well put the Miggy Cabs milestone thread in this forum tbh.
  8. I'm aware he played for the Marlins. Who cares. Its an amateur troll move. 2 out of 10 on the troll scale.
  9. I dont see why a player like Marte wouldnt accept a deal with a vesting option or two and/or incentive based escalators. the real issue is the base so many have mentioned is already 20 mil MORE than the low ball insulting offer the front office supposedly presented. I mean there is cheap and trying to get a good deal. Offer 3/40 if you want that. 3/30 is just flat insulting to a player like Marte.
  10. Absolutely. Which we have no reason to actually believe isnt the case.
  11. Its not even that ok of an offer honestly.
  12. If all you are focused on is race then yes i guess it can. Its meant to be a distraction from the real discussion though. The question you posed with no context is meant to be a distraction and go down some weird tangent at hand which is all fine and dandy. But context is always needed. Say for instance: 2 blacks out of 10 workers when the other 8 are white means something far more than a workplace with. Doesnt even take into account the gender issues. 2 Blacks, 2 Hispanics, 2 Asians, 2 Whites and 2 mixed race folks. Of which there is a 50/50 split among gender. So to say 2 out of 10 workers are black is meaningless in respect to insightful conversation.
  13. I'm sure Sherman didnt say 'offer whatever they think is right', because some might think the right amount is 18-20 AAV. Generally speaking owners set budgets and then let their baseball people figure that out within the budget. Though for big deals the owners usually sign off on them or any deal that would significantly affect the budget.
  14. What's ironic is that Jeter the player would have told Jeter the front office guy to go fuck himself and find himself a new team with an offer that insulting.
  15. too bad marlins are at 3/30 which is 15-20 million less than what Marte wants. Good luck.
  16. nah. you are just an angry little man. though not really sure why its not in the MLB forum.
  17. I'd consider it if it allowed my paycheck to grow when ball games were won.
  18. No, I'd be focused on winning ball games. I assume the fan base would be happy, but the goal would be to win ball games however possible. Gotta earn that next contract.
  19. basically EVERYBODY are a bunch of snowflakes these days.
  20. The event was the Fourth of July celebration that is on PBS annually and has been for some 30 years. I normally find it quite boring so I of course didnt watch, so no clue what the controversy is. But then again if you sneeze these days someone has an issue with it, so who knows what happened.
  21. I wouldn't be their fan. I'd be their manager.
  22. Days like today makes me thrilled to deal with the bullshit of my team over the bullshit of this team any day of the week.
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