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  1. Marte is the only one thats difficult to replace and its not really close tbh. Some would say Rojas is fairly difficult, but you could slide Jazz to SS and find a 2b or sign a free agent upgrade SS. Aguilar, Cooper and Duval are so what to replace on the field at the very least.
  2. Look at Kim Ng go with this draft!
  3. Anyone who is aware and has even slightly paid attention to the draft process of the last however many years is fully aware what Top 10 mean. No need to get your panties in a wad here.
  4. Top 10 rounds you have a slotted amount of money you can spend. You get a 10% overage before you get penalized. I don't think any franchise has gotten penalized from this before. College seniors are guys that will get a 10k slot amount, so you can bank the rest of that amount to use for other picks. Marlins will be going WELL over slot for both picks tonight. So its a matter of HOW much over slot they are going ot have to go is going to depend on how many college seniors you have to take. This isnt exactly a new process, but I get it. Fans dont really pay attention to the nuances.
  5. Also for many of you on here, be ready for a number of college seniors taken in the top 10 by the Marlins.
  6. Marlins stole Watson and picking up Mack was a pretty nice pick. Good draft for them. Maybe Ng knows what she is doing afterall folks.
  7. Even I cant go against this line of thinking. Fuck.
  8. Whites are scared of equality of other races, because then that erodes power. Look at the trends of the GOP. You want to talk about crime: A white man can get away with talking back to a copy 9 times out of 10 more than a black man or a man of any other race. The same applies for a white woman. So as a result, the actual 'crime rate' for whites from a % of population will remain lower because of this itself. I've seen plenty of evidence to support this both from video, to actual conversation with people. There is plenty of white on white crime. We call it 'crime'. We call black on black crime as 'another black man killing another black man'. In many places the education and family structure of whites is just as bad as blacks. We just dont talk about it. Appalachia is one of the greatest examples of this. 'The White Man' can keep themselves in power when they do all they can to ensure that other races dont achieve the same 'status' in society as the white man. Perception is power. If we are in a society where all races were treated equal then you'd have real comparisons. Black on black crime is not a white man's fault. But white on white crime isnt a black man's fault. Per FBI data from 2013: 2,491 murders of black people reported in the U.S. in 2013, 2,245 perpetrators (90%) were black and 189 perpetrators (7.6%) were white. Of 3,005 murders of white people, 2,509 perpetrators (83.5%) were white while 409 perpetrators (13.6%) were black. So ya. Don't believe the idiotic memes floating around the Internet.
  9. Obama was the 'deporter' in chief to many. Trump was just more overt and out there in your face about Immigration. It was Trump largely behind the show your birth certificate proof for Obama. Which is just attempting to delegitimize the status of the Black Man as leader of our Nation. That is racist to its core. So no, this didn't start wtih Trump running for office. This became acceptable though with Trumps inauguration. For fucks sake, Trump embraced Jackson, one of the most racist Presidents in our history. Not my accident. Trump's refusal to go against white supremacist groups, like the Proud Boys, giving them the cover to essentially come out of the closet and grow their ranks. Instead of past Presidents largely keeping racism in the closet like a dirty little secret, Trump embraced it and said come on and have at it boys. Look at Trump's past. He has done racist things his entire life. Hell look at the Central Park 5. Trump's housing policies in the 70s toward Blacks. So yes, Trump made racism much more acceptable, white power groups rose in terms of membership and power more than anytime since prior to Civil Rights.
  10. You need to just institute a 'pink' policy around here for users like this who constantly cry wolf with stupid gotcha type topics.
  11. in 2021 race seems to always be at the top of the list of things we question because its such a hot button issue, largely as a result of the last Administration basically making racism ok again. Racism never went away in America. It was stuffed into the closet and thats been pulled from the closet and its basically ok to wear your white sheets again. in 2010 for example, the whole race question would have never really been a top question you'd ask. Now you would, because racism is such a big issue now. We have made it a big issue based on actions, and it exists on all sides. To say it doesnt, does it a disservice. We are making racism an issue because we basically WANT it as an issue for whatever reason. Its like all strides made from the LBJ days really up until a half black man had the audacity to become POTUS have been wiped away. Blacks being equal to whites scare many white people. But if blacks are equal to whites that takes away a card that blacks can play , and the problems among black communities are then not because of race but because of other 'controllable' issues, like education, family, et al. So yes, in 2021 asking about race when you first walk into a workplace is a red herring question essentially. Because its not about the workplace or even the qualifications, but its meant to push some agenda of some sort.
  12. bingo. also if there is baseball for some reason in 2022 (which seems to be pointing to a prolonged stoppage), it would be even more unfair to whomever the new manager is to get things rolling in a timely fashion. I dont really think it says anything about Donnie one way or the other and more about reading the room in general and if they did make a change giving that guy the best chance to succeed as possible. Having him starting up in a shortened season due to labor stife doesnt scream opportunity to put whatever culture is being tried to implement.
  13. Das Texan


    I have some Euros still. Too bad they cant be used in the UK, because, well Fuck Them.
  14. And gather up all the extreme right wingers and put them all into Alaska? If both of these happen, the other lower 47 will be a fairly comfortable place to live. I can get behind that tbh.
  15. I wouldnt really say its 'close'. I mean 3 is close to 4? and 30 is close to 50? so sure?
  16. ALSO fun question.... if there is no baseball in 2022 (a real possibility) then maybe the Marlins are doing the smart thing here..... So are the Marlins hedging their bets on a prolonged work stoppage and seeing 2022 as a lost year in terms of its even dumber to bring in someone new and not give them a real shot at it?
  17. ummm the post i'm talking about you are at 3/50 or 4/80 with various incentives, escalators, et al. 3/30 opening offer is far less insulting if 4/50 is what the player actually wants, though its a bit short sighted and dumb by his representation, but whatever thats on them. I imagine in their eyes that 4th year is far less valuable AAV wise, and they want to maximize his income and have him with a MLB contract for 4 years ideally. 50 million dollar range is always curious by what they mean by that. I'd assume mid 50s? AAV 15 first 3 yeras 10 last year.
  18. the only bats i'm not moving if I'm Kim Ng is Jazz and J. Sanchez that are on the 40 man roster. Anyone else can be moved in the right deal. Granted if you can somehow find a way to not insult Marte and get an extension (deadline is really the all star break) then you keep him, else he gone. The good thing with both is they have some positional flexibility, so that doesnt limit your return.
  19. Sorry. Sports. Might as well put the Miggy Cabs milestone thread in this forum tbh.
  20. I'm aware he played for the Marlins. Who cares. Its an amateur troll move. 2 out of 10 on the troll scale.
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