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  1. They will sign Watson. The Marlins know his number. He will get his number.
  2. Marte would also be signed if they actually offered that honestly.
  3. my bad. I was going by rouge memory. oopsie. Watson will be signed. Guaranteed. Perdue and Morissette probably go for under slot, they will probably gain a few bucks especially with Morissette.
  4. That’s not a Lebron only thing. lazy take.
  5. Yup. Having the extra runner on 2nd is fine. Just not until inning 12 or 13. And in games that dont actually matter. Granted in post season this rule is thrown in the trash, but thats a different issue.
  6. That's not even why. Its so they know how much money they will have available for those 2 guys out of their allotted amount + 10%. It's why you only see guys who sign under slot announced at this point tbh.
  7. seen at the Jeter complex today:
  8. Just dont be surprised when him and Mack are the only unsigned picks as we approach the deadline.
  9. Perfectly content being average. Hooray. Just reinforces my decisions I've made.
  10. This regime is by far cheaper than the Loria regime. Just saying. Again.
  11. Jeter is winning in terms of his pocket book. No way is he out when this team is making money hand over fist.
  12. Speaking of Cadburry, do Cadburry Creame eggs count as a candy bar. Those are the shit. Other good ones for Fat Das to enjoy (we try to keep Fat Das tucked away as much as possible though these days): Kit Kat Nestle Crunch Snickers Probably the 3 more popular Fat Das would reach for (or Shaky Das who hasn't eaten and needs some sugar in his system cause he is an idiot).
  13. I wonder how many Piazza Marlin 31 jerseys were sold.
  14. well they have been claiming poverty for a year and a half so...
  15. oh fuck this bullshit. Acquire this mother fucker in my yahoo league on the waiver wire over the break and get this. Son of a fucking bitch. Permanent shit list now.
  16. You NEVER buy a home when you are a member of the Marlins organization tbh.
  17. Made that 3yr/30 mil deal basically public. Hey we tried.
  18. I thought they acquired Joe Panik to protect fans from this kind of cruel torture.
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