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BIFL under $25

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I'm a big fan of the BIFL (buy it for life) subreddit and there's always some fun stuff on there from brands you may not have heard of being recommended. 

Figured I'd ask if any of you good people, and Das, might have any ideas on good quality products you can buy that are $25 and under.  Doesn't have to be anything specific - just stuff you use that has held up very well and can still be purchased for about $25 or less. 

One of my personal favorites is a Lamy Safari rollerball pen.  I am very, very particular on which pens I will write with but I love their pens.  I got mine for about $18 and still use it and carry it with me all the time.


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Everything made now is total trash more or less.

If you want something to last for life, go find it on ebay, fix it, recondition it and it might actually get some useful life out of it.

Basically and especially with durable goods, they arent very durable past 3-4 years.  Maddening and frustrating.  


I should check out this subreddit though.   Might find something I do not loathe on there.

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