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So I have a Xbox 360 that I bought on Last Thanksgiving's black friday which wasn't that long ago. Its not the Core but it isnt the Elite either. I recently got my HD TV and realized that my Xbox DOES NOT have an HDMI Input on the back of the system... Im guessing the Xbox I bought is the earlier models that didnt have the HDMI input????


My question is, do they sell an a wire or a HDMI input that so I can have my Xbox 360 in HD?? Any help would be much appreciated because right now Im playing it at the basic res. Im looking on bestbuy.com under xbox360 accessories for some examples but there are so many different wires I have no idea which is what I need.. post links if you can so I know



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I still think Component gives a better HD picture anyway. I have the HDMI for my bluray and ps3 and cable, but thats because they came with the pioneer tv. Also, if you have a 1080i tv it is basically 720p because it is interlaced and not projection which means the HDMI will not add to much to the picture but will improve the sound quality quite a bit.

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