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hello my fellow marlins friends, My name is Rosanna and I live in broward county, as you see I never post but always read what you guys talk about. Anyways, I just want to tell you that I know the two game lost against a -500 team is annoying but that is baseball, I know the pitchers were about the best in the NL but the marlins can not win all the games.


My God daughter used to sing for most of marlins games in 2004/2005 season and I always got free tickets for the Marlins organization because of this, but she got married and moved up north, what a shame !!! I was so happy to see my marlins and be so close to the players on the field when she was singing.... anyways, I stop going to the games for over a year now, I admit that when I saw the team in 2006 I was very dissapointed, but in 2007 when I saw the progress and I came back to this forum I am very motivate it, and started savings some money so I could buy the tickets for 2008 season for all home games, so far I saved $200.00 last month and this month $50.00 so now I think I at least have sufficient to go to all home games for this month only, lets see what I could do for next month.


This team deserve lots of respect from the fans, and if I sacrificed a lot of good stuff I could do with this money just to see this team play and support them every could do it.


Do not worry we are in first place still..... we will hang in there .....they are very young... and still learning but I tell you if they do not get to the play off this year they will make it for next year....but of course I will love another world series...



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