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Dan Uggla interview on MLB.com

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quick question - how did the tommy/rich "his name is dan uggla" thing start up when he hits a homer?


im guessing its cos some opponents broadcasters were saying his name wrong or something?


I think it originated during the first half of the 06 season when Uggla was putting up some good numbers and Tommy and Rich wanted to get his name out there so he had a shot at becoming an all-star.


It also had something to do with other broadcasters pronouncing his last name to make it sound like Oogla.

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Yeah, it first started when the announcers at all the road stadiums would pronounce his name "Dan You-Gluh," So one time Rich and Tommy said the "And his name is, Dan Uggla" line and it just caught on. It didn't hurt that he was putting up numbers and trying to make all star teams in his first couple years.

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