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Some Political Bumper Sticker Suggestions


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Repower America.

Obama/Biden '08


Jesus was a community organizer.

Pontius Pilate was a governor.


A Working Person Voting For a Republican

Is Like a Chicken Voting for Colonel Sanders.


Republican Health Plan:

Don't Get Sick


Trillion Dollar War.



I Might have voted for McCain 2000, but...

McCain 2008 is Owned by the Religious Wrong.


I knew McCain 2000.

And you, McCain 2008 are no McCain 2000.



Sad Pawn of the Religious Wrong.



Lockstep with Bush



A Nuclear Temper



A Bridge to Nowhere


Palin's Bridge to Nowhere

"I was for it before I was against it."


Palin's Alaska:

So much pork she's at risk for trichinosis.



Ridin' the Double-Talk Express



(Gutter) Politics as Usual


McCain/Bush/Rove Politics:

Lie until Americans quit asking.


John McCain

for retirement


Can Palin negotiate with Putin?!?

Question McCain's Judgment.


McCain's Had Cancer 4x

Prez Palin?!?!

Question McCain's Judgement.



For a Return to Sanity.



Obama/Biden '08


Enough McBush/Rove Politics

Obama/Biden '08


Vote For Obama

Isn't it time a

Smart Guy was Elected?


"Obama's creative Imagination

coupled with brilliance equals Wisdom."

"Toni Morrison


The media is only as liberal

as the conservative businesses

that own them.

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