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Inside the Marlins: Puerto Rico


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All-new TV special, "Inside the Marlins: Puerto Rico," premieres statewide on FOX Sports Florida Friday, 7/16 at 10:30PM. Episode #4 of the 2010 season takes viewers on an exclusive trip with the team as they travel to Puerto Rico for the San Juan Series against the New York Mets 6/28 - 6/30.




  • The show covers the entire trip, from Jorge Cantu getting exclusive footage with his personal flip cam, to a walk around Old San Juan with manager Edwin Rodriguez.
  • The importance of the Marlins taking Major League Baseball games to Puerto Rico to expand to a new Hispanic community is documented.
  • Manager Edwin Rodriguez and third base Joe Espada discuss returning to the homeland as well as Rodriguez becoming the first Puerto Rican manager in MLB.
  • Wes Helms, Anibal Sanchez and Chris Coghlan participated in a baseball clinic teaching the fundamentals, and although many of the players do not speak Spanish, baseball served as a universal language.
  • Catch an exclusive interview with Edwin Rodriguez as he walks with the crew through the streets of Old San Juan, including the Fort San Felipe Del Morro, giving viewers the chance to get to know the manager while providing a little history on the area.

FOX Sports Florida’s Frank Forte hosts, and throughout the show fans will hear from the six assistant coaches.




Additional airdates include 7/17, 6pm; 7/18, 4:30pm; 7/20, 2:30pm and 6pm; 7/21, 2pm; 7/22, 11am; 7/23, 11pm; 7/24, 6pm; 7/25, 5pm; 7/27, 9:30pm; 7/29, 2:30pm; 7/30, 9pm; and 7/31, 7:30pm ET.

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Thanks for posting this, boss. I'll be sure to tune in.



By the way – speaking with my family after their game, I learned that, though there were many more Mets fans (as expected), there were also several Marlins fans in attendance. The fanbase is growing... :thumbup

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