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*LIVE* Jammers Game Report 6/22


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I'm back for another year as the official scorer of the Batavia Muckdogs, and the Jamestown Jammers were in town tonight. The series began in Batavia with a 7-5 Jammers win, and continues Saturday and Sunday in Jamestown. Angel Espada is the manager this season, replacing Dave Berg, who is now managing in Greensboro. I've been doing this long enough to see Giancarlo Stanton in Batavia...but here are the reports I filed last season:





About a half-dozen scouts in attendance, most I've seen thus far, and one was from the Rays. Others, I'm not sure.


2B Anthony Gomez (6th Round Pick, 2012): Gomez was 1-4 with a run scored, a sac fly, and three ground-outs to shortstop. The Batavia radio announcer spoke with a scout in pre-game who said, "every time I watch Gomez, he does something good." At the plate, Gomez stood with a slightly open stance, and showed good plate coverage. He's hard to strike out because you can really see him shorten up and look to go the other way with two strikes. He made a leaping catch on a line-out in the second inning.


SS Yeison Hernandez (Signed as undrafted free agent, 2008; spent 2011 with GCL Marlins; also played for Jupiter in 2012): Hernandez went 2-4 with two doubles, he scored a run, and laid down a sacrifice bunt in the ninth. Hernandez has a wide open stance but opens up just before the pitch. He keeps his back elbow high in his stance. His double in the first inning was on a breaking ball, as he plopped it in right down the left-field line. His second double was a grounder down the left field line - he's a switch hitter and both doubles were from the left side of the box. He tried to bunt his way on in the third and his sac bunt was beautifully placed. Also fouled a ball off his foot in the third, but stayed in the game after the trainer checked on him. In the field, showed off a nice arm going after a ball in the hole.


1B Felix Munoz (Signed as undrafted free agent, 2008; spent 2011 with GCL Marlins): Munoz was 3-5 with a run and an RBI. At the plate, Munoz stands with the butt of his bat low, and as a lefty, was able to single off a lefty in the first. His RBI in the ninth was a little poke into left field. Batavia played him to pull in the OF, more so than most other players.


3B Austin Nola (5th Round Pick, 2012): Nola was 1-3 with a sac fly and a walk. He also flew out and grounded out. The righty stands tight to the plate at bat. His sac fly was a hard liner, and his single in the seventh bounced off the glove of the third basemen.


DH Viosergy Rosa (29th Round Pick, 2010; spent 2011 with Jamestown): Rosa was 1-5 with a run scored and a strikeout. Apparently, he hit lots of line drives during batting practice. His base hit in the first just snuck between first and second base. At 6'3", he has room to fill out. He struck out looking on a slider in the sixth inning.


C Jose Behar (30th Round Pick, 2011; spent 2011 with GCL Marlins and Jamestown; also played for Jupiter in 2012): 2-4 was Behar's line tonight, with a double, HBP, 2 RBIs, and strikeout. He scored a run as well. Behar's single was of the bloop variety in the fourth. The pitch he was hit with barely grazed him. He was a teammate of Batavia's Garrett Wittels at FIU.


LF Jesus Solorzano (Signed as undrafted free agent, 2009; spent 2011 with GCL Marlins): This was the guy I was most looking forward to seeing. He was 1-4 with a double, run scored, and two strikeouts. Both K's were swinging, and both third strikes were in the dirt. He has a bit of an open stance, and his double in the sixth inning was a screamer off the left-field wall.


RF Cameron Flynn (23rd Round Pick, 2012): Flynn was 0-4 with a swinging strikeout and an RBI. He was first-pitch swinging to lead off the second, ending in a fly-out to left. He showed a plus arm in right, almost throwing out a runner going from first-to-third on a single. He swung at one well out of the zone for his strikeout in the eighth.


CF Juancito Martinez (Signed as undrafted free agent, 2008; spent 2011 with GCL Marlins): Martinez went 1-4 with a run scored and a K. He reached on an infield single to second base in the fifth. They tried to pick him off first, but the pitcher threw it away, and he went first-to-third on it. On his fly-out in the eighth, he really got a hold of the ball and hit it on the nose.


SP Matt Milroy (11th Round Pick, 2012): Milroy was likely on a pitch count, as he went only two innings, giving up two hits, one run (earned), one walk and one strikeout in his first professional appearance. The righty has a compact delivery and explodes out of it to the plate. He was expected to throw 94-96 today, and I didn't catch the radar gun for him. One of the hits he gave up was due to a high hop and a speedy runner. After giving up that infield single with one out in the first, he really came unraveled and was all over the place. He didn't show much in the way of offspeed stuff. He fell behind all six hitters in the first inning.


RP Beau Wright (48th Round Pick, 2010; spent 2011 with GCL Marlins): Listed on the Jammers roster as "James Wright," Beau picked up the win, going two innings, giving up four hits, two runs (both earned), and one walk. At 6'2", 257 pounds, Wright is a big guy. He keep his feet spread when beginning his wind-up. Despite his size, he got off the mound to field a ball and make a play to first, and also got down quickly to field a ball on a comebacker, so he showed some good athleticism. The lefty has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it pickoff move, and used it successfully to pick a Muckdog off first. He had one of the hitters on an 0-2 count when he tossed a third offspeed pitch, resulting in an RBI single.


RP Brian Ellington (16th Round Pick, 2012): The Jammers used six pitchers, and Ellington was one of only two who looked really good. He went two innings and struck out two. He has a deliberate delivery and his offspeed pitched was clocked at 76 MPH. His fastball was at 92 on at least one pitch. He sat down all six Muckdogs he faced in the fifth and sixth.


RP Jheyson Manzueta (Signed as undrafted free agent, 2007; spent 2011 with Jamestown and Greensboro): Manzueta, whose first name is pronounced "Jason," struggled mightily here. He pitched two-thirds of an inning, giving up two hits, two earned runs, one walk, one strikeout, two balks, and a wild pitch. He threw from the stretch even without runners on. The pitching coach made a visit after only two batters. One of his fastballs hit 90 on the gun. He put the tying run on third with no outs before inducing a ground out with the infield in, and striking out a batter before being lifted.


RP Frankie Reed (27th Round Pick, 2011; spent 2011 with GCL Marlins and Jamestown): Reed was brought in strictly for a lefty-lefty match-up: He squared off against the power lefty David Washington, who is hitting .444 and already has five doubles on the year. Reed lasted all of one pitch, getting Washington to pop out to him on the mound.


RP Nick Wittgren (9th Round Pick, 2012): Wittgren was the second pitcher who looked good. He tossed two innings, giving up one hit, and striking out two in notching his second save of the year. The first pitch of his appearance resulted in a broken-bat ground-out. He goes from the wind-up and showed a nice breaking ball. The hit he gave up in the eighth was the result of a bad bounce off the edge of the grass, so it was a cheapie. He showed good athleticism in pouncing on a Wittels bunt in the ninth, bare-handing it to get the out at first.

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