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Buehrle signs 3 year deal with White Sox


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This deal was basically to avoid the pains of arbitration, which Buehrle was eligible for the next 3 years starting this winter, and is worth 18 million dollars. It's good to see us lock up Buehrle for a while. There is a club option for 2007 in this deal, but it's for 9 million bucks, so Mark better have it working the next few years if he is going to be with us in 2007. So much for the rumors I kept hearing that Buehrle couldn't wait to go to St. Louis.

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Keep Konerko. I like this kid, very good hitter. He did struggle last season but at the end starting doing well again.


We released Daubach yesterday, so Konerko is staying IMO, even though I hear he is on the trading blocks at this point. I always liked him, but last year he was so awful, but I guess he's worth another chance. He's just never been the same hitter since the 2002 ASG.


Koch was so awful last year, and his velocity was horrid, I wish to God we could find a sucker to trade him to, but I doubt it.


Valentin we just picked up an option on, so I doubt we are trading him, but the man is NOT worth 5 million dollars this year, and nobody is going to convince me otherwise, and I hope nobody will try.

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