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Funny story...


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Signing Guerrero would be a major coup, but at this point seems unlikely.


Still, word spread so much at the Meetings that Phillies manager Admin Bowa approached Marlins manager Jack McKeon about it.


The conversation between the rival managers, who previously worked together in the Padres' organization, went something like this:


"You're getting Guerrero," Bowa said.


"What are you smoking?" McKeon responded.


"I'll bet you a steak dinner you get him," Bowa stated.


"Admin, I'll buy you five steak dinners if we sign him," McKeon said with a laugh.


As farfetched as signing Guerrero seems, this Marlins regime has reached for the sky before.


It seemed funny at first.

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Neither Trader Jack or Beinfest are about to show their cards if a Guerrero deal is in the works.


I have to admit that I am somewhat baffled by the Redman trade. We were already within the $60M allocation, and that includes $3M for a decent closer. So why else would we trade away Red's projected $3M? Unless we are making room for another deal....or would try to get him back at a better salary if he is non-tendered, and look at other non-tender FAs if he signs with the A's.

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