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should there be more NFL wild cards


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i say YES


this was never a problem before realignment, when there was 3 wild cards and 3 divisions. now theres 2 wild cards and 4 divisions.


look at this year: in the AFC, the Dolphins and Baltimore had a 10-6 record. the Dolhins play in a tougher division AND beat the Ravens, yet no playoffs


i think there should be 1-2 more wild card spots. and im not saying this because im another whining Dolfan

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If we did have more Wild Cards spots, there would be even a higher chance of subpar teams getting into the playoffs and we dont need that.

yeah, but most yrs a team or two misses the playoffs because there is only 2 wild cards And why is that? Because they were not good enough to get in, if we had more WC, The First Round of The Playoffs would be The Same As The NBA, easy and predictable to see that The lowest two seeds are almost always bounced.


The NFL Playoffs have the ratings they have because all the teams in are deserving not two scrubs who were lucky to get in despite having a 9 - 7 record

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