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Best stadium location.


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The biggest problem with most sites is access. Highway, large volume access. That's the problem at most locations and that's one of the biggest problems with the OB.


The one site with high volume access already in place it PPS. I've posted this before but since it's a new thread I thought some of you might find value in it. If I remember the state spent $16 million building access to PPS and that was years ago, so the cost in today's dollars would be signifcantly more if the county had to build another off/on ramp system somewhere else.


Below is a link to the Miami-Dade property appraiser database and overhead view of the PPS site. Please note the site immediately east of PPS, it's a satellite lot located east of PPS and the Florida Turnpike ramp and west of the Florida Turnpike. It's owned by Dolphins Holdings (WH).


My proposal would be for the county to purchase this lot from the Dolphins in exchange for building a large parking garage between the stadium itself and Dan Marino Drive that would be used as:


A) Parking to offset the Dolphins' lost parking on gameday.


B) Parking for Marlins games in season.


C) An intermodal commuter parking facility (read federal transportation dollars) with bus and metrorail connections to provide an alternative for commuters from Broward coming into downtown Miami.


In exchange for the land, and because of the anticipated increase in traffic (read people) going through the area, Dolphins Holdings would be allowed to build on the outparcels (along Dan Marino Drive) retail storefronts and light use commercial bringing needed jobs to the area and providing additional year round revenue to the lessee.


Also in exchange for the land the Dolphins would collect 100% of the revenue from the garage on their gameday thereby allowing them to continue the same revenue they were already getting Marlins stadium site parking and from the existing parking spaces where the garage would be located. It's a win-win for Dolphins. No loss of revenue, better parking, a chance to exploit the site commercially and most importantly, they return to being a football only facility which what they and the NFL say they want.


Here's why it works. Most Dolphins' home games are on Sunday. No commuter traffic. For the one Monday night game arrangements can be made. The Marlins would work their Septemeber schedule around the Dolphins. The Marlins games are also mostly at night so by game time most if not all of the commuter traffic will be gone.


Here's the link. The subject property is on the far right immediately below where it says "Florida Turnpike On Ramp N". My proposed parking garage would be located immediately to the west of the proposed Marlins stadium site on the other side of the turnpike ramp and east of PPS.


PPS alternative Marlins site link

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I hate parking garages, but compared to the OB site, parking at a baseball stadium adjacent to PPS would be great.


Would the parking garage be needed for regular season Marlins' games?


I should have fleshed out my idea more, but yes, the parking garage would be the main, if not the exclusive site for Marlins parking. In my vision the garage would be several stories tall and provide an elevated walkway from say the second or third floor accross the turnpike access ramp directly into the stadium.

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