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Palmeiro signs with with O's


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maybe this means the O's have given up on Vlad and started spending their money elsewhere?




LATEST NEWS - January 10 - Previous News

Orioles signed first baseman-designated hitter Rafael Palmeiro, who had been with the Rangers, to a one-year contract. Palmeiro wants to play first base, so that's what the Orioles are going to allow him to do. Expect another 35 homers and 110 RBI, but his declining batting average means he's not quite as valuable as he used to be.

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actually, heckeroo, they've been negotiating with raffy for awhile now.


a lot of the discussion has been whether or not this was a ploy in the pudge and/or vlad sweepstakes.


by signing raffy, i'm assuming that they aren't going to go for pudge now (as was also mentioned in articles the past few days). if anything, this makes it easier for them to land vlad.


and yes, this is new news.

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