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Knew it was going to happen, waited for it all night, and it was still off the charts! That guy is just instant awesomeness, the second the music hits and the place erupts, the whole show goes off the charts. Rock 'n' Sock vs. Evolution at Mania, going to be huge.


Is there anything better than the pissed off Rock sprinting entrance?

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RAW Thoughts:


Good opening segment, thanks to the cornball acting of Vince....The women's tag match was bizzarely short, I guess only a backdrop for the Molly/Victoria feud. It's funny- I noticed Molly pulling on Victoria's hair an unnatural amount of times, so I blurted out "Uh-oh, hair v.s hair match coming up." I was close!....Victoria looks hotter as a face, oddly enough, but that s***-eating grin on the WM preview screen has GOT to go....It's odd that they'd place John Hennigan on RAW- he and Matt wrestled Saturday on Velocity, and I would think John could help out the C'weight division. Not a bad job by Johnny Blaze in his first (for the most part) on-screen acting experience....Ugh, Cade and Jindrak at WM?....


I like the "two angles intersect" with Kane/ladies, and of course Rico trying to stand up for them....Good tag match, with great job by Michaels and Benoit to keep in-fighting during the match, and after....Nice job by Christian on the mic, and props to the guy in the crowd who yelled "shutup!" You could hear it loud and clear. I'm looking forward to the Jericho/CLB match....The Main Event (i guess) was a bit sloppy. But I'm still digging the RVD/Booker tag team. Not exactly looking forward to the four-way at WM though....Awesome last segment, thanks in much part to the Rock. I especially liked his Flair strut before he nailed him. And I liked the rhyming catchpharse he did, apeing Flair's.....Hot RAW, with lots of angle developments for WrestleMania.


And in case anyone is wondering, Acts 2:38 is: "Then Peter said unto them, repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins. And ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."

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I know it starts off, "Pie eatin', Jabroni' beatin', eyebrow raisin'..." then some more, can't remember.


He was looking skinnier than usual. Little weight loss in his neck/shoulder region. Still, I love when the Rock runs out and the camera can't even follow him he's running so fast.


RAW was solid from top to bottom tonight. Too bad Storm and Venis are gonna' get killed by the Dudley boys.

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"Trail blazin', dressed by Santa, so he could come whoop some monkey ass in ATLANTAAAAAAAAA'!" I think that was pretty much it.


The Taker build-up has been good. He just better not get a title shot out of this crap, because I'm rooting for Kane and he's going to get killed.

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who is Johnny Blaze?

John Hennigan, Tough Enough 3 winner. Interestingly, he just wrestled Saturday with partner and other TEIII winner Matt Cappotelli on Velocity.


I thought Hennigan would be on Smackdown! cuz he's a cruiserweight, or they'd at least keep him with Cappotelli. I think they make a good team.

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