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  1. Bobby Knight rules. Period. He's an old pissed off guy, what's not to love? If they took that crappy ass Ted Danson off of Becker and replaced him with Bobby Knight, I'd watch in a heartbeat. Don't hate the coach, hate the GAME!
  2. Christian rules. Period. Too bad the average WWE fan is too dumb to get it. And I really hope Goldberg costs Lesnar his title against Latino Heat. Eddie Guererro vs. Kurt Angle at Mania is going to be too sweet and adding a belt to the mix makes it an instant classic. I agree with Biggy on this one, The Dead Guy sucks. Besides, it's not like he's going to come back as that guy who runs his eyes up into his head and suddenly be able to wrestle like he did ten years ago. The fans need to let that gimmick rest in peace. Best part about that fued is the way Kane sells that supernatural crap by looking around and screaming (like he did at the Rumble). Flair/BEnoit next week! I can't WAIT! And maybe Rock comes back next week, too!
  3. I guess America should kill anyone that pisses them off from now on. Blind patriotism I love it. :thumbdown When are people going to realize that the world is round and there are no such things as borders? That we made them up. People are people. And if America is so into saving the world from itself why is it the leading supplier of weapons to third world countries (like Iraq)? I mean, we gave Saddham those weapons. I think that's how we fight these wars. We go back, check our receipt's, see what they bought and then lock and load to kick ass. Bush Sr. started this crap and it was up to Bush Jr. to win it. There, my hat is now in the political ring (which I couldn't care less about). The best part about this whole Al Quiada debacle is that we helped make them into what they are today back in the eighties. Why not blame Reagan? Probably because it's no conveniant.
  4. Buckeye

    The Man

    You know what the best part about Pesci is? He's five foot tall. I always thought the Super was kind of underrated. Also, they set him up in Raging Bull. When Jake LaMotta (DeNiro) comes after Pesci's character after his wife has told him she sleeps with everybody, they really had DeNiro go in and beat his ass. Pesci breaks like three ribs in that scene when he gets thrown through a door (?) and falls through the panes. But, to his credit he totally goes with it. Does anyone have his comedy album (Vincent LaGuardia Gambino sings just for you)? It's pretty good. There's an awesome rap song on there. Here's a classic line from "I'm a Wiseguy" (who's chorus consists of "It's the Bitches that'll get ya's) "If you talk to the cops and try to plea, your car wil blow up, when you turn the key. Don't cut a deal or have the case appealed, I keep my mouth shut and I never squeel, 'cause I'm a wiseguy."
  5. Buckeye


    Mongolian Barbecue. Greatest. Restaurant. EVER!!! All you can eat. Choice of seafood, beef, steak and chicken. And you can make it with a variety of their sauces. If you have one of these in your area and haven't eaten their yet, then I suggest you try it out. Plus, you can get fajitas to put your creation in. AWESOME!!! This post was made in official Ninja Turtle's mode.
  6. Anyone who argue we knew 9/11 was going to happen is an idiot on both sides. It had never happened before and we didn't expect it. It's so conveniant to try and blame the presidents whose term preceded the even and the current (and since when did the president become and all-knowing God anyways? Presidents don't know everything that goes on in this country, only what their aids tell them). I could see Bush having a political agenda (let's face it, under Ronald Reagan his dad supported genocide in South America) but there is no way he'd go that far (I hope). Arguing about 9/11 is like arguing the existance of God. There's no real information to support either side and you'll never see the othjer's side. But, it's fun to debate! Keep on fightin'...
  7. Native Americans call each other Indians. So Indians. Who cares? Racism is in the eye of the beholder. Words aren't dirty or racist because we percieve them to be, it's only dirty in the mind of the person who hears it, or says it in ignorance. There are times when it's okay to call anyone anything (black guys calling each other the dreaded 'n' word that still sends shivers up the white spine). We can't eliminate these words from our vocbularies, so both sides just need to agree to disagree. End of story.
  8. Buckeye

    Best Actor

    Pitt could pull of Depp roles. That guy's vastly underrated as an actor. He was brilliant in borth Snatch and Fight Club. He's got depth and charm, same as Depp. He just happens to be less reclusive than Depp. Pitt doesn't get enough chances to do character roles.
  9. Buckeye

    Best Actor

    Greatest of all time? Brando. Fat jokes aside, the dude's crazy enough to be the best actor of all time. Greatest of last year: Billy Bob Thorton in Bad Santa. Sorry, but it was my favorite movie of last year and I thought his performance went unnoticed. However, I'm rooting for Murray. He's been brilliant for years it's about damn time.
  10. Buckeye

    The Rap Game

    I'm just waiting for ODB's new album to drop like a Cosby kid. Period. And I can't believe people don't bring up Outkast. They're still rappers. They're stuff's good. I can't say Dre's stuff borders on pop either, because there's nothing else that sounds like it.
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