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  1. Josh Harrison? And of course Matheny picked Carpenter. Really hoping McGehee is on the final vote!
  2. Lol the All-Star game selection is such BS. Every time. Here's hoping Henderson Alvarez can replace some starter that has to go on Sunday before the ASG.
  3. Welcome! If you have a love for the Marlins, are willing to keep an open mind and contribute whatever you can to the board, then you should fit right in here. Just a note of warning, new posters take abuse early on when they back up their thoughts without facts, stats, etc... When I first joined in '08 I was attacked for baseless opinions as much as everybody who joins now and it helped me change the way I post and become a more knowledgeable fan. The posters you see on the board today are the ones who can take the back and forth that comes with being a part of this board and roll with it.
  4. Heaney pitched 23 innings in AAA. Yeah he was filthy for those 23 but he could use a bit more. We'll definitely see him again this year but I think it'll be good for him to get another 4 or 5 starts in the minors. Like others have said, not everyone is instantly amazing like Jose. As for Marisnick, his speed and glove are so good. Wish he would learn how to hit, which obviously doesn't happen overnight. For now, he'll stay in the minors with occasional call up when we need someone to replace a hitter that goes on the DL. We'll just have to wait to see if he can get some consistent time in t
  5. Just Stanton and Alvarez. Cishek would've made it if not for the Oakland debacle, and McGehee stands little chance given Aramis Ramirez is winning the fan vote. There is absolutely no chance that Todd Frazier DOESN'T make the team, and there's no doubt that Anthony Rendon, when you factor both offense AND defense, deserves the nod over McGehee. Agreed with this! Stanton will definitely make it and I'm really hoping Alvarez makes it. Only way McGehee will go is if someone ends up being injured.
  6. Hello everyone! Been lurking for a bit and decided to join. I've been to 3 games this season and we lost all 3 (2 this past week!). I must be a bad luck charm. About the game, great game! Glad to see HA pitch well as always and Salty wake up a bit at the plate. I, like everyone else here, have an extreme dislike towards Kevin Gregg but at least we were able to win despite him. Also, awesome to see us winning the series against a good team like the Cards!
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