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  1. Cabrera is ready for whenever Manfred gets his way, and moves the mound back.
  2. The Orioles aren't supposed to be good. Phillies fans are assholes because they're bitter about being perennial underachievers.
  3. 4/65 - he's a couple of years younger too. I think the Braves got a good deal as well - probably because of uncertainty over the free agency market. I think 5/75 is reasonable - do we think he's a $20M player for the next three years, then a $7.5M for the 4th & 5th? I think so. Obviously if you can get him for less, uou do it...
  4. He's proven - I'm alright with a 5yr, knowing that yrs 4-5 are likely bench, trade, or release years. As long as it's a reasonable 5yr deal - just don't be reckless. He's valuable now as a player, but his mentality & character are valuable to our prospects over the next few years.
  5. As other than the rough outing Cimber had, and the Bass closer experiment, they've been good - am I wrong? Bass has been good outside of the closer role...
  6. This bullpen, despite Cimber keeping us on the edge of our seats every outing, really looks good.
  7. Holly apparently doesn't know what "full extension" is. Good catch either way 🤣
  8. Even the handful of hits against the Braves, BA still didn't look good (hr included). He's definitely struggling.
  9. I think Alfaro has cost us a lot of strikes this year. He's got a habit of yanking, rather than framing.
  10. I'm interested in the double hook idea (but I need to know more about it). I have absolutely no interest in moving the mound (or any other changes they've thrown out, outside of the double hook) I'm convinced that they are throwing out ridiculous change ideas as bargaining chips on the new CBA. They no they're never going to land, and they have no intention of it - they just have to give the players union a few "wins" when they shoot those ideas down.
  11. I have to think d'Arnaud will get a day off. They'll burn him out otherwise.
  12. Ladies & gentlemen, we have our closer.
  13. I've never felt so uneasy with a lead...
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