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  1. Our stregth & conditioning coach in college used to be S&C with the Padres - said Wells was a lazy piece of shit, and didn't deserve to be on a big league field - no work ethic.
  2. I'm alright with the universal DH (though I don't prefer it - but make the damn decision already), and I like the expanded playoff. No to the 7-inning double-header & Texas tiebreaker. Those do nothing improve the game, or protect against potential virus exposure. They only shorten the games. These guys get paid a healthy sum to play a game - challeges arise during the season like fatigue, injuries, etc. Deal with it. That's what you're paid to do. If they want to do expanded rosters, or maybe some kind of tweaking to the 'option' rules, I'd be 100% in favor.
  3. As crazy as that is, if pitchers are getting $30-35M, there's no reason catchers shouldn't.
  4. They should sign him to a $20M deal, minus $100k per K. See how disciplined he can become...
  5. Offer this to the Cubs: they give us Contreras, and we promise we won't beat their ass in the playoffs for at least the next 3-4 years.
  6. I am a lot more confident in Brinson than Harrison. Brinson's issues seem mostly mental - he loses discipline. Everything Harrison does on offense is ugly - the swing is atrocious, the approach is even worse, and discipline is even worse than that. I truly feel like Brinson can turn a corner anytime. I'm not nearly as confident in Harrison.
  7. I'd rather see a fundamental hitter. 50% of you games aren't at your home field (even though it works out really well the other 50% of the time if you play for Philly)
  8. I don't know why they would want to play less, unless they're looking at no spectators again?
  9. I'm also content with Yimi as the closer, but go find another 8th inning guy, plus some depth. That would be fine too, and it would save a few $.
  10. Could've gone several different ways - I'm somewhat surprised that's the route you chose 😂
  11. I'd rather just go to free agency for an OF, and wait on Bleday, rather than trade rotation pieces & prospects for a "?".
  12. I admittedly don't know much about him. There certainly seems to be polar opposite viewpoints of him though.
  13. That entire article talks about how he's on the decline, and would be great to get rid of, LOL.
  14. This is the first thing Manfred has done that I agree with.
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