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  1. Frisaro notes that the Marlins would covet both Victor Robles of the Nationals and the Braves’ Acuna, though both clubs would likely be reluctant to part with their top-ranked minor league talents. Rosenthal tweets that the Nationals would be loath to part with either Robles or fellow outfield Juan Soto. Why even bother trading if you are not willing to trade gold for gold?
  2. What a quality bat. 10/300mil
  3. 60+ homer season, traded. Assuming the rumors are true. #Marlins
  4. Where was this offense for the past 5 games?
  5. Wow, is this real life?!? Telis, did something?? [ATTACH]1609[/ATTACH]
  6. Lateral ligaments for sure gave out. Poor guy, wish him the best.
  7. #32 for big bear. All of a sudden everyone wants to hit. ??????
  8. Samuel Adams Octoberfest on deck. Let's get this W!
  9. Offense had plenty of opportunities. Cannot even blame Ziegler on this one.
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