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  1. Just realized that pretty much any IL stint is suddenly a pretty significant amount of time. 15 day IL and you’re gone a quarter of the season lol
  2. Ufff, monte just dropped the back knee and launched. What a sweet and simple swing.
  3. Yeah this season is pretty pointless in terms of team record. So I’m caught between id love a first overall pick next year (was gonna be highly unlikely regardless) and wanting the new crop to show up and dominate 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. What an enigma that dude, has pretty elite level k/9 but walks almost as many hitters as he strikes out (over 20BB/9 in lincoln last season!!!). I feel bad for the guy, it must be incredibly frustrating that all that's holding him back is he can't throw strikes.
  5. Justin Twine?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Derek Jeter has no idea how to run a major league team!
  6. Just thought of something, if the improbable happens and somehow this season doesn't get played at all, would the draft order stay the same for a 2021 draft? Would they do a lottery? Would they cancel it? I think the season gets played eventually, but just wondering lol
  7. Ex exactly, his issues in the MLB are not skill-related, they’re an issue with how he approached at bats. Which is the exact thing he said he changed this spring and so far the results had shown that it was working (granted, in a small sample size)...so yeah, I’m gonna at least try to give him a chance to see if that fixes it cause I won’t want to see the same thing that’s happened plenty of times in the past where the marlins give up on guys too early and they go ball out on other teams when they make a slight adjustment to their approach. @hovertical
  8. Yeah of course it’s just more of a hypothetical food for thought assuming an expansion actually did happen.
  9. But by that logic, imagine they let him go and he realizes his potential? He destroyed the minors, the skills are there, it’s just an approach issue and that’s what he specially modified this spring and the results were there. The possibility of him reaching his potential is worth infinitely more than Elieser Hernandez and even Harold so there’s no way Brinson doesn’t get protected in my opinion.
  10. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/05/marlins-expansion-draft.html What do you guys think and who would you protect? I went with Dickerson (we could possibly trade him for something of some value), Cooper (i think he’s gonna be a great DH), Stanek, Berti (I see him becoming a Miguel Rojas kind of piece), and Brinson cause of what was given up to acquire him. Not a huge fan of much of the other pitching so I went mostly position players.
  11. Dude I somehow had you “ignored” so I couldn’t see your posts lol I couldn’t see you had already solved the riddle which is why I wrote what I wrote
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