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  1. I understand that everyone was “ok” with it but I just believe that if he ends up picking up a career altering injury over it, something major will come from it going forward that will change the decision making process for situations like this.
  2. Cali club sandwich with wavy fries covered in pepper jack queso. Hooked on that 100%
  3. This is gonna end up with some lawsuit from the players union. This guys shoulder is hanging on by a string
  4. It was that they no longer let him use adderall or something like that which caused the bottom to suddenly fallout wasn’t it?
  5. Bad news for him personally, but Curtiss just went down with a torn UCL! Hopefully there wasn’t any malice on the side of the marlins, otherwise they dodged a bullet
  6. His homer down the line last night was proof to me that there has been a very significant and positive change in his swing path cause he was able to keep it fair. Old Brinson used to have to open up his front side like crazy to try to get to the inside pitches and would pull it foul or miss it completely cause there was too much head movement. I think he’s finally coming around honestly 🙏🏻
  7. I really hope neither Sierra or Berti are on this team next season.
  8. @SonOfJack am I allowed to be negative about his strikeout rate yet, or nah?
  9. I guess that’s what it comes down to, opinion. Cause statistically BA is at best an average third baseman by statistical metrics. However, when the game was on the line I would have taken Lowell a million times to one over BA who has a penchant for booting balls when it matters most. Just as numbers don’t tell the story of this bullpen shitting the bed when it matters, sometimes the eye test works just as well.
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