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  1. I agree. And this seems like they’re trying to get him off their backs. He didn’t leave his last start on pretty terms and maybe they think he’s a toxic dude to have around. I mean, he does like like the kind of dude that finishes the cookies and puts the empty box back in the pantry. Fuck’m!
  2. Learn to play the guitar! Lol no but even in a normal year the “offseason” doesn’t really get going till the winter meetings and this year is proving to be even more tepid given the financial restraints. I’d say you’ll see a lot of fringe players taking lower than usual offers early in the offseason but the top players may hold out longer into late January/February to try to get money that teams will more than likely not pay. So it may be pretty boring for quite a while man! Lol I also feel there will be a lot of good Players who were holding out for multi year deals but will ultimat
  3. Thing with Starbucks is they hit the holy grail of marketing for a brand: it became “cool”. And the people who buy it flaunt it all over social media providing not only free FaceTime for the brand, but also credibility and FOMO from those who also want to post their PSL on their story to look “cool”. Apple is another company in that realm despite an uptick in their commercials the last couple years since they started debuting new products. People “keeping up with the Jones’”works a lot better than a 30 second spot on lifetime lol
  4. Definitely explains the hometown discount on the naming rights. However, If that’s the case then they’ll have a pretty deep well of new funding in the mix in exchange for a minority stake (even if they exercise the option for the other 15%) to ride them through what is inevitably going to be a recession that probably would have sunk them otherwise.
  5. Yeah, calling this a good deal from Bally’s perspective is a massive understatement. People pay around that for stadium naming rights, and this is more like buying naming rights to a team itself (ex. Bally’s Marlins)...Incredible deal for them. It’s Sinclair that has me has me scratching my head.
  6. yeah of course, you have your experiences with him that as a moderator made you put up a flag. Nothing but respect brotha.
  7. Atta boy! Keep the string of lighthearted posts coming! ♥️ #bringbackjokes #downwithoutrage
  8. See? This is the kind of response we need. Well done.
  9. They basically slapped a huge Bally’s bumper sticker over the fox sports name for only $8.5 mil per year? Wow.
  10. Statistically and historically speaking, I agree with @el_gmac...even Dominican players (Carlos Santana for example) have commented on the obsession with making it to the big leagues in the Dominican and how it’s causing many young players to turn to PED’s. Coaches coming up to young kids in DR peddling steroids and trying to recruit them. There’s an unhealthy relationship with PED’s in DR....Everything doesn’t have to be some social justice outrage 🤷🏻‍♂️ also in case you need sources: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/20534258/carlos-santana-outspoken-opponent-peds-warns-tempt
  11. I don’t really want any of those guys though so I hope she’s not lol
  12. Yeah I thought that was such a useless article. We have no clue what the lineup will look like, who might be traded, who might make the team out of spring training, etc. Just a useless assessment this early in the offseason
  13. All for it lol Only part that bothers me in all this is that Pete Rose hasn’t been forgiven for gambling.
  14. Yup, definitely one there. But I feel like he’s more on the exception side than the rule side don’t you think? Like wasn’t there a high power second baseman that came from the KBO a couple seasons ago that the marlins had supposedly had interest in but it didn’t work? Who/where is he?
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