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  1. It’s not the game dude. These guys are human and they’re playing too many games. They’re worn down.
  2. Well, we’re officially seeing the big meltdown at the end of the season that keeps us out of the playoffs.
  3. Wallach is almost as bad as having the pitcher up there to hit. Useless
  4. Motherfucker lol I’m still watching the JD at bat
  5. You’re right didn’t realize it was that recently that he threw. But yeah Castaño or Neidert would have been better options. Urena’s proven he can’t keep teams off the board
  6. They can’t give Eovaldi a cushion to work with
  7. If we lose this game cause of Urena I blame Mattingly for not bringing in Garret or Neidert to make the start. Hopefully he makes me look bad but I have zero confidence in him
  8. Marlins should have picked up a good backup catcher at the deadline. If we lose Alfaro for good this is a very exposed lineup
  9. Fuck dude, come on. Not Alfaro too 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Last night I ordered a pizza and had it set to be deliver for lunch today. I told my girlfriend and she chewed me out cause we had decided we wouldn’t be eating out anymore so I had to call and cancel today. It was stuffed crust, garlic Parmesan sauce instead of marinara with pepperoni and chicken on half of it. FML
  11. Josh Smith against his former team, let’s see how this goes 😐
  12. Does Trevor come back out for the 4th?high pitch and he took a line drive off his back
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