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  1. This thread defies all the laws of time and space. Very disturbing.
  2. With my intelligence and Bob's sex appeal we can take the White House and maybe the known universe.
  3. Mr. Hawking, we all know the Big Band was around 11 billions years ago. Let's say we build a telescope powerful to see 11 billion light years away. Would we then be able to see the Big Bang? :confused Dear Mr. Chewbacca314 Maybe not in our lifetime but yes I believe so. But if you have read the theory on parallel universes the Big Bang occurs everyday in other universes. Our universe is just a small membrane in a pool of millions of other universes. I hope you read about some of this it will truely open your eyes to how insignificant we are. Sincerely, Steven Hawking
  4. Funny how so many celebs popped up at once. We all know that I'm the only true celebrity on here. Beowulf is not real.? Nor is Yoda. And I have a man crush on John Rambo. 957005[/snapback] Your about as real as the Marlins chances at making the playoffs. 957226[/snapback] Dear Chase Utley, My calculations put it at 500 to 1 that the Phillies make the playoffs. Sincerely, Steven Hawking
  5. Bob, Your theory on a diamond-shaped universe has been proven false. Your friend, Steven Hawking
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