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  1. Yes he is not a Floridian!!!
  2. The problem in S. Fl is the media is NOT from S. Fl. You would never have an article like this in Boston, they would stone the sports writer!!! The difference between the media up north and down here is the're also fans, where as our writer/broadcasters down here are also fans just not of our teams. They are stuck here having to write articles ( even sometimes nice ones ) about a team they are not fans of and you can feel the difficultly in writing nice words. Also where is our media's support of a new stadium. No where they just use the stadium to blast the owner and team. Please find some writers/broadcasters who are Floridians!!!!
  3. A lot of it has to do with the fact that everyone in Miami that can afford to go to baseball games was raised in places not named Miami, FL so they were fans of whatever team was the bunch of local yokels where they're from. At some point, a fanbase will be built, but it's gonna have to be people from the 18-25 age group that grew up with the team to get this team to have credible attendance numbers and people in this age group still can't afford to attend games on a regular basis, so I think we'll see a major shift in 5-7 years as this age group reaches financial independence. Fritz you got it. So Fla is full on Non-South Floridians!!!
  4. Did anyone read Greg (Boston Fan ) Cote's article on Sat.? This guy is a big Boston Fan who writes for the Miami Herald. What a loser. Please read his article and send him a nasty email He basically call all South Floridians Morons!!!
  5. This is Jeff Shains Responce! Writers don't make the call as to what goes on the front and what doesn't, but there are a couple of points that should be made here. 1) It's June. Chill out. The baseball season isn't even at the All-Star break yet. Between the Heat, World Cup, College World Series and U.S. Open, that's a pretty full plate. Every one of those events is their sports' showcase. A June series against Toronto doesn't stack up. Ever. 2) You might have a better argument if more fans turned out to the local ballyard. Just for kicks, I checked the MLB attendance figures. Care to guess the bottom? 27 Pittsburgh 36 795,192 22,088 28 Kansas City 29 509,846 17,580 29 Tampa Bay 29 452,108 15,589 30 Florida 31 345,362 11,140 3) Maybe you don't like the World Cup, Jim, but there are plenty of English-speakers who do. And yesterday's U.S.-Italy game was compelling theater even for most casual sports fans. It deserved the front. Let soccer have its once-every-four-years spotlight. We promise the World Series won't suffer for coverage in October. Hey, I know some folks who hate basketball. Imagine what they've had to go through for the past two months with Shaq Saturation. Let every sport have its big event. Look at the big picture -- in 10 days the NBA and CWS will be over, and the U.S. Open already has passed. Then we'll be going through a "slow period" of sorts with only baseball, the World Cup and maybe Wimbledon fighting for attention. The Marlins will be back on the front soon enough. Thanks for writing, Jeff Shain Miami Herald
  6. The South Fla. Press will just not support the Marlins. The Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, Radio 790 and 560 WQAM, will not support the team or the stadium effort. I have complied and email list to voice our dissatifation with their sports reporting. Please help keep the pressure on them to support the team. [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected] [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected] [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
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