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  1. Tank is the set up guy. Lindstrom should be the closer. Dude throws 100...But Gardner reminds me of Todd Jones or Bob Wickman. He doesn't have best stuff but I think he will do a good job. If he keeps doing well, Pinto is gonna get a ticket back to the minors when Tank gets back.
  2. That "attempt" by Borchard to catch Zimmerman's line drive to right was hideous, and somewhat comical. I would like to see Cody in there tonight.
  3. Who started this thread Jim Bowden? 1st base is the deepest position in the majors. Most teams best sluggers are first basemen. However we get our big production numbers from third and we have a better, more productive shortstop than most teams. Still, Jacobs isnt bad. He played all last year with nagging injuries. His numbers 469 ab, .262 avg, 325 obp, 20 jacks, 77 rbi's, 105 strikeouts. Since you asked here are some 1Bs that are worse than Jacobs: Ty Wigginton (TB), Thorman (Atl), Sean Casey (Det), Ryan Shealy, (KC) C. Kotchman (LAA), Dan Johnson (Oak), Rich Aurilia/Ryan Klesko (SF
  4. I cant remember the last time we opened the season on a Friday. That should really help attendance. Usually opening days are on Monday afternoon. I am going with....ah hem.... Friday: 45,238 + me hangin over the wall in right center Saturday: 46,162 + me hanging over the wall in right center. NO MORE 6PM SATURDAY GAMES! YESSSSSS! Sunday: 25,976 - me, I can't go....
  5. I'm a little surprised he went with Olsen for the No. 2 spot and not Anibal. I think Anibal has shown that he is the second best (maybe the best) pitcher on the team.
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