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  1. i have been to two. in 2002 and 2003 when i was working for them, and i can tell you that all the players do not stay. the ones that do have families that come to the event itself. from what i remember, they were run nicely and i know in 2003 that some of the marlins stayed later and we found a way to hook up the playstation to the jumbo tron screen.
  2. Holiday Inn is the official hotel of MLB. wonder how many teams use them...
  3. is bk still available? I'd rather have John Patterson if we're gonna sign someone. :mis2 you have to talk to the rangers about that one... the rangers signed him? When?? :blink: According to ESPN.com it was March 24. you can look it up under transactions.
  4. is bk still available? I'd rather have John Patterson if we're gonna sign someone. :mis2 you have to talk to the rangers about that one...
  5. the "marlins" didnt change their site. mlb changed all the ballclubs sites.
  6. http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/news/articl...sp&c_id=fla The Marlins will be the revelation this year. The talent of Uggla and Shadez cannot even begin to be measured :lol thank you
  7. is joe nelson the joe nelson from the yankee days?
  8. i know u said "just to throw a name out there" and all, so im not lashing at you...but i would take vladdy's career over maglios "ONE magicial season" anyday. IMO C- Mauer 1b-Pujols 2b-Utley Ss- Hanley (cant pick anyone over a guy whos 1homer shy of history--3rd player with 30hr50sb in a year) 3b-A-Rod Lf-Soriano Cf- Hunter (Griffey if he gets back to old form) Rf- Vladdy
  9. he said he left it on the counter? thats just crazy. i have scratched up foul balls from the world series and those are high up out of reach of anything, in cases. and those are meaningless foul balls, not the winning out in history. i just dont understand
  10. ifyouramarlinsfantraderumorsdontmatterbecausetheywontspendmoney.com
  11. With the approval of the final $50 million needed to fund the new Marlins ballpark, it finally looks like the Marlins may have a deal in place for their new stadium. If this is the case, Marlins' FO has been known to have stated that they will not sign players to long-term contracts or look at higher profile free agents until they have completed a deal for a new stadium. So, with these latest developments, do you believe that the Marlins organization will finally shed their miser label and spend some money to improve the ballclub? Too bad Marlins management did not wait another two weeks befor
  12. chance inge goes back behind the plate? i don't see him as an option for the marlins. if we wanted him he would have been included in the trade
  13. Any chance that we could get him for Gregg and a porspect and either use him in a platoon with Willingham or maybe even convert him to a 3b. No sure if that is possible. if "him" is either...he throws lefthanded, so that would pretty much be not a good scenario for our vacant 3B
  14. What? The Orioles are giving away Tejada for free? its not so free if the pitcher is patton
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