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  1. I really want the Marlins to win another World Series.
  2. I would prefer we do whatever is best in order to win more games. It’s very rare to develop 5 good starting pitchers.
  3. We should give the player’s nicknames. That’d be fun.
  4. Are we 100% sure of this?
  5. I was being sarcastic, but let’s hope they’re all awesome
  6. If this day isn’t proof that we won the Yelich trade, you’re a hater.
  7. Starlin Castro, Neil Walker, Martin Prado & Wei-Yin Chen...why are they still here?
  8. You guys just dismissing Sandy Alcantara as a starter moving forward already?
  9. Mattingly isn’t hurting this team. He doesn’t have enough talent to win. As it is, the team is a not so terrible 32-34 since the 10-31 start.
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