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  1. Erick

    Hector Noesi signed

    Please tell me this isn’t what they meant when they said they wanted another reliever.
  2. Erick

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

    I know “the Spanish.”
  3. Erick

    Miami Marlins Top 32 Prospects

    Tough to maintain the same story when it's not true.
  4. Erick

    Miami Marlins Top 32 Prospects

    You were a Marlins fan in 2011.
  5. Erick

    Miami Marlins Top 32 Prospects

    Have the Cardinals learned how to make the playoffs since you became a fan?
  6. Erick

    2018 Rule 5 Draft

  7. Erick

    2018 Rule 5 Draft

    Congrats to Ferrell on making our team. Hopefully he works out in the bullpen.
  8. Erick

    2018 Winter Meetings

  9. Erick

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    No rumor has us getting a potential ace though. Rosario was like a top 5 prospect about a year ago and he’s a SS which is something the organization needs. Nimmo’s probably more intriguing than people are making him out to be too, but hopefully the Yankees get involved.
  10. Erick

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Why not? If we get Andujar and Rosario, I think that’s best case scenario.
  11. Erick

    2018 Winter Meetings

    Well if they want to take Prado, that would be great.
  12. Erick

    Marlins bringing the Holiday axe

    Gonna apply for some of these.
  13. Erick

    2018 Winter Meetings

    We’re going to sign Donovan Solano, Renyel Pinto and Mark Hendrickson. Problem solved.
  14. Erick

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Yes, we have no interest in the better outfielder. That would ruin the plan of completely sucking.
  15. Erick

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    To be fair, it’s delusional to think we’re getting an Acuña or Soto type prospect for Realmuto. It’s why I always wanted to keep him.

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