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  1. Our offense beat Jacob DeGrom. Tell our AAA team to suck it.
  2. Let’s move him to 1B because our outfield is so loaded that there’s no place for him out there.
  3. This could be the problem.
  4. I agree. Our team sucks so I want to at least see replays of the other team. It’s all about the experience, Jeter.
  5. Considering we’ve been bad for the past 16 years, I would rather be a Nationals fan with expectations at the moment.
  6. Harold Ramírez should definitely be called up. Monte, wait. Gallen, wait a little bit too.
  7. I don’t know if they’ll be good again, but this front office is about as bad as the last one.
  8. The O'Brien thing isn't really related, but it never really made sense to let go of Dietrich and bring in Neil Walker. Those two guys are basically the same player, except that Neil Walker is older.
  9. Not sure why there are so many fans there tonight.
  10. If he was, I’m glad he got fired.
  11. Why is Steckenrider in instead of Anderson?
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