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  1. Erick

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Chip Bowers was all hype.
  2. Erick

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Maybe they’re releasing them at 11:15 PM.
  3. Erick

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Everything this organization does is a disaster.
  4. Erick

    New Logo Coming

    This is the most exciting part of the year for the Marlins.
  5. Erick

    New Logo Coming

    It’s probably not real, but I like that logo.
  6. Erick

    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    Chen has no trade value. He’s a sunk cost. That’s why he’s the worst contract ever.
  7. Erick

    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    Wei-Yin Chen
  8. Erick


    Pretty well-known that these guys are commies.
  9. Erick

    The team is not as irrelevant today

    Hopefully Harrison-VV-Brinson is our next productive outfield.
  10. Erick

    The team is not as irrelevant today

    If you look at it as we got the two Mesa’s for Barraclough, it’s certainly makes you (or at least me lol) feel better. Because Victor Victor is a top prospect already and the younger brother has some potential too. We probably wouldn’t have gotten a better prospect than Victor Victor anyway even when Barraclough had an ERA under 1.
  11. Bringing in the Mesa’s is Jeter’s first positive move. It also makes the non-Barraclough trade at the deadline sting a little less knowing we got $1,000,000 in Int’l money for him that allowed these signings to happen. This is the first positive thing about Jeter that I can say since he took over, so congrats to him for getting it done.
  12. Erick

    Marlins officially sign Mesa brothers

    I think Victor Victor starts the season in the big leagues. They did it with Brinson, and there’s more hype with this move. He’d have to be terrible in Spring Training to not make the team.
  13. Erick

    New Logo Coming

    If you come back, the Cardinals might make the playoffs.
  14. Because that's just how it is.

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