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  1. Rich Waltz would've been there. Thanks Jeter.
  2. Will we finally get to hear a Marlins broadcast this time?
  3. @Das Texan continues to curse every team he roots for.
  4. Let’s enjoy our Spring Training winning streak.
  5. Guerrero isn’t a lock to make the roster, right?
  6. At least Tayron Guerrero throws hard...
  7. Teams aren’t rostering lefty specialists as much anymore anyway so the 3-batter minimum rule isn’t a big deal. Most lefty relievers now are like Conley who stay in to face righties, as well.
  8. Victor Victor pulled a hamstring apparently.
  9. I just feel like they’ve regressed since you became a fan.
  10. Will you be doing this for every reliever who sucks on the 40-man roster?
  11. Not a good debut for the Chris Perez look-alike on the mound.
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