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  1. Also, Stanton is wrong about what he thought the team would've done. It's a proven fact.
  2. The Curse of Wei-Yin Chen
  3. Maybe they tried but the SP’s didn’t want to sign here.
  4. That has to be the worst starting rotation in the big leagues.
  5. Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    At this point, the conversation is irrelevant. The organization is dumb, and we all know Brinson already made the team.
  6. Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    I’d be ok with this.
  7. Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    Three rotation candidates gone yet Chen is still here.
  8. Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    Elieser Hernandez should be given a spot on the team. I don't see why not.
  9. Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    Seems like it's still an open competition. He's pitching today.
  10. Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    Why is Garcia going to Jacksonville?
  11. Marlins practicing analytics?

    Maybin’s not special defensively, but he’s much better than Dietrich. We’re comparing a guy with minimal OF experience to a guy who has enough range to play CF.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/JoeFrisaro/status/973564225347096577
  13. Can we just release him? I know the team would still have to pay, but I’d pay for him to not be on the roster anymore.