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  1. Also, 2 teams being worse than us has nothing to do with it. The Orioles absolutely stink, but John Means was a worthy selection. The Marlins didn’t really have an individual player with numbers that stood out.
  2. Fair enough, I think it should’ve been Caleb Smith. Win/loss record aside, nothing about Sandy’s numbers stand out as being an All-Star. And I like Sandy, but just saying. 3.82 ERA, 1.4 WHIP, poor K/BB rate, etc.
  3. It’s really not a dumb opinion though. It’s dumb that the Marlins had a representative this year. Our representative is 4-8 with a 3.82 ERA/1.4 WHIP this year. It’s a lame rule.
  4. Glenn tells fans to go to the ballpark and they get swept by the Nationals. Lol.
  5. We should sign a hitter, absolutely yes.
  6. Why is Nick Anderson unavailable today?
  7. Todd Hollandsworth laughs at things that aren't funny.
  8. What are the odds that Wei-Yin Chen can finish this 3 inning save?
  9. Garrett Cooper, not much better
  10. I’d just like to see him hit one home run, maybe.
  11. Hasn’t really been talked about much, but he’s having an awful year
  12. He didn’t pitch and you lost loooooollllllllll
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