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What's a better fantasy bat?


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Reggie Sanders, right handed hitter in st. louis or burnitz at coors field?


keep in mind burnitz played in two pitchers parks last year and had a .891 OPS on the road and sanders now in a righties hitters park had a .952 OPS on the road?


Burnitz did have 21 road homers to Sanders' 14, but Sanders hit a lot of doubles on the road and it is safe to assume he's more likely do have better stats than his total year stats in 2003 in all categories.

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Well, I'm definitely playing burnitz when he's at coors.

I'm pretty sure that the fantasy rule is:

Any hitter playing at Coors gets played...

pitchers at Coors sit.


Overall, I think Burnitz rebounds after getting the heck out of NY. Some players just aren't cut out for THAT much spotlight.

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