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Miami Language

Guest Juanky

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Guest Juanky

the language of miami:


Berguerqu?n = Burger King


Maddona = McDonald's


Equer dr? = Eckerd Drugs


Disni Guer = Disney World


El queimar = K-mart


G?olmar = Walmart


Besbai = Best Buy store


Sebenileben = 7-Eleven convenience store


El Guindichi = Winn-Dixie Supermarket


El Pobli = Publix Supermarket


Guashinton =WashingtonD.C.or one dollar


Mayamibish =Miami Beach


tonpai =Florida's Turnpike


un pic? = a pick-up truck


un Bosguagon = a Volkswagen


transporteich?n = a barely adequate automobile


un est? = a stop sign


daontaon = Downtown area


una gueira = a waitress in a restaurant


Maico = a man or boy named Michael


tineiyer = teenager


un y?n = a pair of jeans


pantij? = panty hose


yaqui = a jacket or windbreaker


pulove = a pull-over


tich? = a T-shirt (see "pulove")


un s? = a legal suit


un part?in = a part-time job


printear = to print; use a computer printer


faxear = to fax


taipear = to type


incont? = Income Tax


escoshtei = Scotch Tape


el teipe = tape any kind


lonchando = having lunch


cach? = tomato ketchup (not a sneeze)


jatd? = a hot dog


s?nguiche = a sandwich


un p?ri = a party


chirr? = sheet rock for construction


V? vapo r? = Vicks Vapor Rub


Saguasera = Southwest area, as in "She lives en la Saguasera"


Weich?ter =Westchester(a neighborhood in la Saguasera)

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