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The Chair


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Just a quick remembrance of the golden days.


Remember when taking The Steel Chair to an opponent meant something? Back in the day when storylines were basically nothing, The Steel Chair was the ultimate screw job and show of hate. Using the chair was an automatic election into The Heel, hall of fame.


Now it means nothing :(

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I don't mind it that much. I can't name the last true chairjob, but I'm sure there was one at 'Mania.


Plus, wioth some of these big-ass dudes facing off againt this little guys, a chair is a necessity. I don't know if I'd by anybody beating up Big Show but Big Bad Dave Batista (who isn't pushed enough and the only genuine badass left, I feel).

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Big Bad Dave Batista (who isn't pushed enough and the only genuine badass left, I feel).

Isn't pushed enough? He's in the biggest heel stable in wrestling, and is a tag-champion with Ric Flair. What more do you want? And IC Championship (Batista looks better than Orton), World Championship (He's badass) and to NOT be a tag-team champ. Tag team titles are useless.


Heel stable or not, he's still the third or fourth most important member. He should be at least second. Don't be jealous of Dave!


All kidding aside, the guy's smug looks and fashion sense never fail to make me laugh. He's a geniuine badass. He looks it and he acts like it. He's a star. And he's got mic skills. Every promo of his accomplishes it's goal of entertaining me and making scream "True!" Which should be the goal of any wrestler with mic skills worth his salt. He's too big to be kept in the tag ranks and the only time they use Batista in singles matches is to have him job (which he'll probably do to Shelton Benjamin at the next pay per view; not that I mind in that case).


Plus, get a load of this pimp's action figure:




Don't hate on Dave.

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