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What a start of season ...


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Wow, my Fish friends!!!


What a fantastic start of season!!

The Marlins seem to have restarted from the same point where we left last October: fighting and winning!


And I am closer to you and to the Marlins this season since I can watch all the Marlins games on MLBtv: and so far I've watched them all.

And because of the difference of time from Miami and Milan (6 hours!) you can easly imagine my face right now!!!!

From one side it's a good thing the Portorico serie will not be showed on mlbtv: I will have some rest and go to bed to a decent time.


And what to say about the ring cerimony?!?

I watched live of course and I have still in my eyes all the touched players faces: very very touching!!

I simply wish I could have been there at the Pro Player Stadium!!

Great move to make Derek Oliver to pitch that day!


I am very proud to support Marlins and I simply think they deserve more credit and respect: it's unbelievable that won the WS vs the NYY and everybody is talking about how the NYY lost the WS!!!


It's too soon to say if we are going to miss Pudge, Derek, Urbina and the others who left the team.

Too soon to say if we are doing it again!!

Choi is doing great and I am sure Castro will show soon his power numbers!! Miguelito looks like a "veteran": how many major league games has this guy played???

We were a bit worried about the bullpen and so far Bump, Phelps, Perisho, Fox and Benitez had a fantastic job!

And what to say about our youth guns starters?? Simply dominating!


Well, Luca, slow down a bit, it's just the first week!! Still long to go!

But .... what a great week and what a great start!!

And it's always a great feeling to sweep the Phillies!!!


Talk to you soon my friends.

Keep an eye on the Portorico Serie for me, please!!






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