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CBS SportsLine Power Rankings


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Here are the TOP 5



Current Team Previous

1 Anaheim Angels 5

High-priced free-agent signees Bartolo Colon (2-0, one earned run in 14 innings) and Vladimir Guerrero (.320, 2 HRs, 6 RBI) got off to a good start for Anaheim.

2 Florida Marlins 7

At 5-1, the defending World Champions were off to their best start since going 8-1 in 1997.

3 Boston Red Sox 2

The Red Sox temporarily have suspended their plan to give Pedro Martinez an extra day of rest whenever possible; he'll pitch in front of Curt Schilling regularly.

4 New York Yankees 1

The Yankees were hitting .208 as a team after one week, with Alex Rodriguez (.172), Hideki Matsui (.172) and Bernie Williams (.167) all struggling mightily.

5 Houston Astros 3

Andy Pettitte has been put on the DL with a strained elbow suffered during a checked swing in his first start with the Astros.

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Some "power rankings" Pujols has 4 HR, Detroit is smacking them out like its their job and even Milwaukee is racking them up and they';re not in top 5.

hmm i believe you have to do something on a consistant level in order to be around the top.... thats why the Yanks are there despise their horrible start.



the brew crew and D-boys havent, hence its only been 5 games and both teams lost a combined 200+ games last year.

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