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Bark at the Park


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It seems like a cool idea, I called the Humane Society and they said it's anywhere in sections 401-404 ..


I know there was a previous post on this I just wanted to further ask if any of you have attended in the past, or would consider going with your dogs?


Its May 20th vs. Astros 7:05..

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Alrighy.. guess no one has dogs or is interested in the event :lol

it's only been 20 minutes, calm down


as for your question, i've never been, but i'll probably go this year, but i won't bring my dog, she's too crazy :cool :thumbup


Lol I was just kidding around!! My doggy is 10 so he's calm and everything. loves to make new friends so I thought it wouldbe great for him!

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I think it would a fun experience. probably wouldn't stay the whole game though..

thats true ... ive always wanted to bring my dog ... but im scared because hes too fluffy and he gets tired really fast.... because of the temperature and the hair.



i dont know ... ive been pondering the idea for the past 2 years, ive just never done it

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I went last year!


It was great! But it was very hott! My dog kept on going in those little pools that they made for the dogs...but it should be better this year because its at 7 so its not going to be so hott.


And also it was against Arizona...and they hit back to back to abck home runs against Josh Beckett in that game...and the Marlins lost...


But it should be better this time!

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