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4/20 (hehe) RAW


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RAW Thoughts:


Good opening match, especially the springboard to the outside by Jericho; and now the feud has an all-new twist (I believe Tyson wrestled as Travis Tomko in OVW)....Good Benoit interview. Say what you will about Canadians- they respect wrestling tradition. Nice job to hype a match a couple weeks in advance, too, even if it did piss of the crowd....I originally thought that was a submission Molly had on Victoria, and that she won the title. I think they went with the correct ending though; head and shoulders above the women's match last night; So Victoria's new gimmick is kissing kids at rindside? Eh.....


Good Kane promo, to freshen the character. I thought maybe the camera would pull back and have him sitting in a bathroom stall....Real good promo from Orton. Lot of intensity too....I bet Tajiri wished he hadn't switched brands. First losing to Coach, now Cade?....I think that's the most crowd heat Eugene's ever gotten....Interesting Kane beatdown. I just can't figure out why these wrestlers or women cower in the corner. Is there some sort of force-field preventing them from exiting the ring? I must say, at least they're doing something with Matt, which is good (unless this is all forgotten by next week), and is an interesting twist in the Lita/Matt relationship....


I wasn't sure Hirohito was a wrestler either, because I didn't see the WWE logo in the corner. They've got me interested though....The tag match was okay, but I'm no fan of Edge. That spear looked like he went head-first into Batista. And Flair- he's been doing the most obvious spot-calls I've ever seen. As much as I love the guy, he's just really deteriorating in the ring. A few months ago, I was one of his defenders of him staying in the ring. Now, I just don't know. Eye-pokes and chops are his moveset now, and his timing seems off on a lot of moves lately too. As much as I hate to say it, it may be time for him to hang'em up soon.

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TV Time Checklist

Val Venis = Check

Garrison Cade = Check

Pointless Women's Match = Check

Smackdown Rebound = Check

Guy who's supposed to be the next big thing on this show and just beat Triple H twice and a legend the night before = Uhhhh, whoops.



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I think it was a pretty good show, I like the idea of Benoit as a double champ, this guy deserves everything he gets. Eugene was funny as always. Orton once again with a great promo and I think that him and Edge could put on some great matches. Jericho and Christian need to get more of a push, these two have been running the same feud for almost 4 monthes and still been able to keep it fresh, I would love to see the two of them in the World Title picture with Shelton Benjamin in the future.

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Kane was talking about a sacrifice... I thought he would be pulling some sort of Undertaker/Ministry abduction ceremony... just another lame interference by Kane on Val Venis, Matt, and Lita.... Randy looked messed up from Backlash, I'd like to see some footage of that match.

I thought that too. Finally, the Evolution loses the tag tag titles. Randy Orton's IC title might be next.

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