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On the U.N. special representative charged with aiding the June 30th turnover of Iraq:


"What you're seeing already is the administration is essentially trying to implement my strategy without admitting they're implementing my strategy," he said. "They've got Brandini over there, and he's negotiating. They've basically turned over the decision of what they're going to turn over the government to, to Brandini -- whatever he creates. . . . And they're desperately trying to avoid a visible public transfer of authority to the U.N., because that would be an admission of failure in the way they've approached it."


Problem is, the guy's last name is Brahimi. BRAHIMI! How could this man, who wants to be the leader of the free world, a man who is supposedly of such high breeding and intellect, misstate the name of such a powerful world figure? And twice! Oh dear, for a minute I thought we were entrusting the turnover to this week's headlining magician at the Trump Taj Mahal.



More to come, just a taste.

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