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Question about when the D-Backs are in town...


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The Diamondbacks will be here May 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. I have the 41 game flex plan and have tickets for the game on May 21st, but I can exchange the tickets I have for another game. Can anyone here tell me which day out of the 4 days Randy Johnson will be pitching, because that's the game i'm going to want to go to. Is it too early to know which game or? I was thinking it might be May 22nd because the game on May 22nd is the only game out of the 4 that will be nationally broadcasted (it's going to be on FOX, not FSN) and it only makes sense that the only game nationally broadcasted would be the one with Randy Johnson pitching. Should I go ahead and excahnge my tickets for the game on the 21st for the game on the 22nd? Can anyone here positively say which day out of the 4 Randy Johnson will be pitching?


Thanks, I really appreciate it.

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The pitcher is not determined by television. It will go by when his turn in the rotation is. This is by no means definitive, but as of now, he would be scheduled to pitch the Monday game. Thas assuming the rotation order isnt changed, no one is skipped, no rain out, doubleheaders, or injuries, which is assuming quite a bit, so you never know.

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