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Guns...who loves them?

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Guest marlins02

Here's a perspective we haven't thought of...


You know who DOESN'T like guns:



I'll bet that dude HATES guns! Look at all the trouble they cause... BROTHER!



i aint even touching this

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Jesus loves guns, he's all powerful, guns exist, so therefore is his will.

So, since porno exists it's Jesus' will? Nah. Guns were put here to tempt us!


Besides, God's all powerful. Jesus is like those badass looking guys in red outfits who protect the Emporer in Jedi Strikes Back. He doesn't do anything (except save some people every now and then).

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Guest marlins02

Guns don't kill people.? I do.? :D

I want that shirt! Finding a decent looking one is hard. I wanted one like the guy had in Happy Gilmore. Hard to find.


Plus I'm busy shelling out 700 dollars on Bengals jerseys... damn dude :o


did you ever get your boss to hook you up with that jersey you wanted?

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