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Super Millionaire Leaderboard

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D'oh! I signed into the leaderboard I made back in February (marlinschamps) instead of marlinsbaseball. That would explain why I didn't see anyone else on the board but myself. Danged brain farts. :banghead



Anyways, I had 996,000 and change; nailed the botulism question to pick up 550,000 points to make up for a bad night.


Provided I don't have a mental lapse again (which in my case is entirely possible), I'll catch you there tomorrow night.

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Night Four Results:


1 ABC284181 (MarlinsFans46) 1,623,300

2 Rosstu 694,600

3 jmenjes 644,850


I was playing on a different computer and could not remember my username, so I was playing as a guest. If I hadn't known "The Best is Yet to Come" appears on Frank Sinatra's tombstone, I would have lost.

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A number of typos in the Fastest Finger and the idiotic Olay questions kept me from the top. :(

Yeah, I hate those Olay questions too, but I got 'em all right tonight, so who am I to complain? :shifty


I'm just glad I got out of the cellar for a change.


Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 pm. We've got room for more players, so join in!

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