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Judgement Day


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Well, I expected a big waste of my time tonight and was pleasantly surprised.


Random stuff:


Mordecai sucks already. Leave, please.


Cena-Dupree was surprisingly very good, I expected them to show their youth (especially Dupree), but they were solid throughout. Second best match of the night.


I hate the Dudleys, but the opener with RVD and Rey was actually pretty good.


The women's match was there, it wasn't as bad as you would think, so I can't really rip it. Shouldn't have been there in the first place.


Chavo-Jacqueline was fun, Chavo and Chavo Classic are awesome.


Tag Title match was solid, but it probably helps that I'm a big fan of Holly and Gunn, so it was a given I was going to enjoy it. Rico and Haas are quickly becoming one of the more entertaining things on Smackdown.


Booker got beat, as I dreaded, but it really wasn't that bad. Match was solid for an Undertaker match and Booker DID get a ton of offense in. Oh well.


Bradshaw delivered, plain and simple. Best match of his career and a very good, thoroughly entertaining main event. The ending of the match COULD have ruined it, but the aftermatch made it a non-issue. I hope these 2 do it again at the Bash.


All in all, in the upset of the year, I give this show: :thumbup

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A decent little PPV, IMO, better than most expected.


The opening tag was okay, especially Rey's spots. Not quite ***-good, but good enough.


Dawn v.s Torrie was meaningless, except for the partial nudity.


Ah, I don't think anyone guessed Scotty as Mordecai's opponent. I'm surprised the very negative response he's getting from the 'net. I was also hoping for a very elaborate entrance, complete with druids.


Chavo Classic IS classic!


The tag match was okay, but the HeatSuckers should not be tagging for the titles. Would've liked to have seen Kidman/London.


Thank GOD Chavo won. That's all I've gotta say about that.


Cena v.s Dupree seemed a LOT longer than 10 minutes. They're just not quite ready yet.


'Taker/Book was fine, but I would've rather have seen Book go over. Cole was really hammering home that 'taker is only a "special attraction."


The ME was better than expected, and Guerrero's bleeding was bordering on scary. Surprised with the result, too.


Overall, not worth $35, but it would be a good episode of Smackdown.

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