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In the next 4 months you will see. . . .


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. . . .That Hee sop Choi will bloom into an excellent first basemen. He has great patience and great power, when he learns to lay off the low breaking ball he will be a .280 plus hitter.


. . . .Armando Benitez blow a few saves. It's gotta happen doesn't it? When it does, cut the guy a little slack he has been everything we could have hoped for.


. . . .Ramon Castro take over as the primary catcher. He has been in a slump thus far, but we have no evidence to show us that it is anything more than a slump. When he gets going again a lot of you guys are going to have to eat your words.


. . . .us acquire another arm in the 'pen. We need another solid arm that we can count on to get to Benitez.


. . . . Miguel Cabrera develop into one of the premier hitters in the NL. His plate coverage as well as his patience is amazing for any MLB player, much less a 20 year old rookie. As the season goes on he will just get better.


. . . . The Marlin FO make a choice on Alex Gonzalez. At this point in his career it is clear he is a brilliant defensive player and a terrible offensive player. We could probably deal with a .200 avg. if he walked more and had better bat control in situations when a man is on 3rd w/less than 2 outs, but he has proven he will continue to be a big liability in our lineup. Will we continue to try to work with him on his offense (which seemingly is a lost cause with him at times) or will we plug Easley in and sacrifice some range on defense for some offensive consistency. I am split on this one, but if you watch the marlins on FSN Tommy Hutton seems to get on Seabass all the time. I agree with him, Agon seems to do his own thing against what coaches would want, but he is flawless defensively.


. . . . .Mike Lowell continue to be the rock in our lineup. He is ultra consistent and knows what to do with men on base. Numbers, although great, don't even tell the whole story with Mike Lowell. Before the WS I didn't know why Yankee fans were so high on Jeter, but after it was clear to me he just comes up with timely hits and does the little things that allow the team to win. Mike Lowell is the same kind of player, but he also does the big things (i.e. homers).


Those are my humble predictions on what we will see from our fish in the future.

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